Vanishing Truth

Vanishing Truths
We have all seen it many times.
I’ll give you an example. I sit in an interview and the person across from me swears to me that children are all they have ever wanted to do, it is their life’s dream and they would do anything to have this job.
Then the winds change a little bit.
You pick the scenario, the boss tells them to change the way they do something, or they are disciplined, or maybe it ends in dismissal from the job.
Quick and fiery tempers rage.
Suddenly you find yourself warding off vicious gossip, vindictive actions and more than a little bit of hate and discontent.
It is sad to watch a person wage war against the very organization that they swore was their dream job and calling not too long ago.
Or even worse, they post vicious attacks on Facebook and of course the final slap in the face, they block you totally. Ok I’m being sarcastic about Facebook but you get the point. We have all acted this way at one time or another.
I think that God must see that more often than we do. God is a good companion as long as things are going our way and life is free and easy. Let the going get tough however and threats and grumbling are free flowing from our lips as our tempers flare.
Instead of swearing on God we end up swearing at God.
The thing is, God’s truth didn’t vanish, our version of the truth did. It is pretty easy to be deceived by Satan and there is no better opportunity for Satan to gain a foothold than things aren’t going our way.
It seems pretty unfair that the God we love, worship and walk hand in hand with every day would let the storms of life fall on us like they do. How could God let ones as righteous as we are suffer so much?
We stand and watch as our world is falling apart and we are powerless to stop it. Sometimes we feel the only control we have is lashing out and all too often God is at the receiving end of our verbal tantrum.
When someone has hurt or offended us we feel justified in losing our tempers. The question isn’t so much Why and much as Why ME God?
This kind of anger is never justified as it is selfish and the whole object is to hurt someone in the same fashion we have perceived they hurt us
We turn to complaints and criticism instead of prayers and praise. That’s pretty bold and brazen don’t you think? You start in the dark and alone, the darkness and loneliness are probably going to be your only companions until your attitude changes!
It is not our job to punish those who offend us, read Ephesians 4:31, let all bitterness, indignation and wrath be banished from you.
Have faith dear friends, God didn’t bring us here to leave us hanging. God created everything, this situation included, we aren’t in charge, never have been, never will be. We can blame God, complain, and get mad over what is happening. It probably isn’t going to change a thing.
Instead of foolishly splashing our temper tantrums all over the place we can trust that God knows what He is doing and simply give Him our hurt, pain and bitterness. Stop being unwilling to trust God with situations that hurt.
He can and he will give us peace, comfort and strength. His plan is perfect and has been for a very long time.
…………………..and so I ride

Ephesians 431

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