“And they saw the Child with Mary His Mother and they fell down and worshipped Him. “Matthew 2:11

I have a job where I work with kids every single day. I feel a huge responsibility to do the very best: for these children and try to remember that these children are our future.   By teaching these children the right things we become a part of letting their little lights shine making the world a much better place. We never know when the child we are molding and shaping will one day mold and shape the world he lives in.

Teaching them the right things however means much more than teaching them what we find in any educational textbook. It means giving them your very best and giving them what flows from your heart.

How important are children to our future? Very important I would say as every great person, every person who has made a difference in our world, came to this world as a baby.

When a wrong needs righting, when truth needs telling, when a country needs solid leadership, God sends the person who is to do that to us first as a baby.

It is very important how we guide these little ones. Our children are watching us, they see our witness and they survey every move we make. We are their examples, they see and they know our commitment to our Lord. We need to do it right because all that we do they are storing in their little hearts to use later in their lives.

We need to give them a foundation that is true and legitimate, a foundation that will last into eternity.

As we are entering the Christmas season it makes me think about all that this holiday exemplifies. To some it is about family and friends, to some it is about gifts, to some it is all about the food and decorations.

To me however, if Christmas is about anything at all it is about a baby, a baby who was born in a stable, and changed the world forever. Let us never underestimate the importance of that baby and all the other babies in our world.

There is only one baby who has or ever will be born that will change the world in the fashion that God’s son has. It is very important that we teach the babies in our world about that baby born all those years ago so that when they grow up they may go out and teach others.


………….and so I ride

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