There must be something wrong with me.


I want nothing more than to seek God in everything I do, I want God in every part of my life and I want God to give me discernment for every decision I make so that every decision can be one that will bring Glory to Him. I want to seek not only God’s face but the very essence of Him. I want God to be the vapor that surrounds me every single second of every single day.

What trips me up is some days that seems so elusive and so hard to find. How do I take those beautiful words that I read in the Bible and live them day to day? The Bible is the premise which I am choosing to base my life on but it is difficult at times to take it from what is written on the pages and carry it into my day to day world.

You wouldn’t think it would be that way, it should be as easy as the Nike moto…………….”Just Do It”

But it never seems to work that way for me.

Or does it?

It could be (very likely) that the Bible or God isn’t what is making this seem difficult at times. It could just be it is me that is making this difficult.

I don’t think that trusting God comes naturally to any of us. We have to work at that. It takes faith. Faith is a gift that God gives us but a gift that requires maintenance on our part. We must renew our trust in our Father on a daily, no I take that back, we must renew our trust as often as necessary even if it is minute by minute.

Help me Father to overcome my unbelief. I am told in the Bible that all Scripture is God –breathed. That is a beautiful statement and additionally we are told scripture is “useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16–17)

The word of God is living and active in my day to day life if I chose it to be. God has made it as easy as possible to transfer those words from the page to my heart. How many translations of the Bible are there? Surely I can understand one of them. There are oodles and oodles of reading plans and devotionals out there to help me with my day to day walk.

However, the best advice for understanding Scripture is quite simple, “pay attention to what is written but also, don’t forget to pay attention to the one who breathed it into existence.”


……………and so I ride

Try and Try Again

Another New Year’s is upon us and as I am looking in my closet I am thinking to myself, time to kick this “getting back in shape” project up a notch.

Then I felt kind of silly as I am also thinking to myself, just what do you think is going to be different this year than every other year? What makes January 1st any better for commitments than any other time of year?

How many times have I started something and two weeks or a month later (ok more like a day) decided it is just too hard and quit?

It is interesting to me that I get the same result no matter how much planning I do or don’t do.

I guess maybe I should check my motivation for embarking on a healthy lifestyle. Am I doing it because clothes come in cuter styles in the smaller sizes and if clothes are smaller it stands to reason you can fit more of them in your closet! Right???

Thinking through this some more I am realizing that this is probably not the best motivation in the world.

Am I working to pay my credit cards off just to be able to buy more stuff? Am I paying them off just to get more available credit which will allow bigger and better shopping sprees? Or maybe I have read enough to know that having high credit card balances is not a very smart move and I don’t want to appear foolish.

I guess what I am trying to say is that maybe the reason I have not been successful with resolutions in the past is because those resolutions are pointless unless I have the right motivation. I have a sneaking hunch that if I make a resolution to get healthy and do it to honor God the power will lie in the honoring God and not the resolution itself.

I have never before turned over my resolutions to God and worked towards results for His honor. I have never before made Philippians 4:13 my resolution mantra. I bet if I honor God by taking care of my body instead of honoring myself and my vanity that my healthy lifestyle would quickly follow.

So I will honor God with my whole heart and soul, my whole life in fact. I want to bring glory to my Father in everything I do.


…………………..and so I ridetumblr_n1z51sfRpw1rhr6kfo1_500

“And they saw the Child with Mary His Mother and they fell down and worshipped Him. “Matthew 2:11

I have a job where I work with kids every single day. I feel a huge responsibility to do the very best: for these children and try to remember that these children are our future.   By teaching these children the right things we become a part of letting their little lights shine making the world a much better place. We never know when the child we are molding and shaping will one day mold and shape the world he lives in.

Teaching them the right things however means much more than teaching them what we find in any educational textbook. It means giving them your very best and giving them what flows from your heart.

How important are children to our future? Very important I would say as every great person, every person who has made a difference in our world, came to this world as a baby.

When a wrong needs righting, when truth needs telling, when a country needs solid leadership, God sends the person who is to do that to us first as a baby.

It is very important how we guide these little ones. Our children are watching us, they see our witness and they survey every move we make. We are their examples, they see and they know our commitment to our Lord. We need to do it right because all that we do they are storing in their little hearts to use later in their lives.

We need to give them a foundation that is true and legitimate, a foundation that will last into eternity.

As we are entering the Christmas season it makes me think about all that this holiday exemplifies. To some it is about family and friends, to some it is about gifts, to some it is all about the food and decorations.

To me however, if Christmas is about anything at all it is about a baby, a baby who was born in a stable, and changed the world forever. Let us never underestimate the importance of that baby and all the other babies in our world.

There is only one baby who has or ever will be born that will change the world in the fashion that God’s son has. It is very important that we teach the babies in our world about that baby born all those years ago so that when they grow up they may go out and teach others.


………….and so I ride