I do believe Lord, help me not to doubt

Mark 9:24

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We trust God but we live in the real world. We live in a world governed by laws where if you don’t like the law you find a loophole.  What is good, right, moral and ethical varies from person to person or maybe that would be better stated as what is good, right, moral and ethical varies from situation to situation depending on what you want the outcome to be. Hard to hear, yes, hard to read, yes, is it true? More often than we would expect.

Living in the world such as it is, is it any wonder that we have a hard time defining trustworthy? It is darned hard to find a completely trustworthy person, business, or most anything these days, not impossible but mighty hard because it is easy to justify almost any behavior in the world we live in.

Bit by bit, life step by life step our faith in others is harder and harder to justify and doubt, skepticism and disbelief become a way of life instead of an uncommon event.

So what happens? I think it is pretty common for us to frame our broken faith with doubt. Yes, we say, God I trust you, take my life and make it yours. However, how often are we saying to ourselves at the same time “I’m pretty sure that even you God are going to let me down too.” If you are like me, you don’t doubt that God is capable of miracles, you just doubt that He will work them for you.

Go ahead, admit it, you can’t fool God because whether we admit it or not, He knows the truth of your heart.

Trust Him. TRUST- To trust is to place your confidence in something or someone. Psalm 56:3-4 “ When I am afraid, I will trust in you, In God, WHOM I TRUST; I will not be afraid.

We are left with three little words that have as much impact as we allow them to. Read that sentence again.



Let’s start with Hebrews 11:6 “and without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him. Live in confidence and conviction with the knowledge of God that you possess.

Remember that we have been saved by God’s grace, through our faith. We are not saved by anything we are capable of doing, it is a gift from our Father. Faith won’t grow like the money we stuff into our bank accounts and compound interest daily, faith has to be renewed daily with diligence and determination.


To hope is to desire something with CONFIDENT expectation of its fulfillment. Col 1:27…………..Christ in you, the hope of glory. Christ lives in you, you can take that to the bank, to those who believe in Christ, He does not hide himself from you, if you go to Him, He is there.

LOVE is strong affection, desire and devotion. 1 Cor 13:13” and now these three remain; faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. If love is unselfish service to others, if that is what it takes to show the world that we care…………I think that Christ showed us He loved us, unselfishly and undoubtedly.

As the Life Application Bible so aptly puts it, “when faith and hope are in line, you are free to love completely because you understand just how much God loves us”

The remedy for doubt is faith, hope and love. AMEN!


…………….and so I ride

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