Is God in the Office??

I work in a world that is driven by grant dollars (there are never enough), political games ( there are always to many) and enough curve balls thrown at us we need to take up residence in a baseball stadium.

It is very easy to get sucked up into the notion that ” since I work in such worldly conditions” it is ok to conduct our professional lives in a worldly fashion.

But you know what? God lives there too. He is not just in our lives on Sunday morning in that pew, or in our home situation when we have our Bible open. A Christian existence is not dictated by a time clock. Whether we are clocked in or not, the way we conduct ourselves matters.

While it is true that I am responsible for whether my organization lives or dies by the decisions I make, I still have to make those decisions in an ethical and moral fashion that follows what I know to be true of God.

We might make more money by doing business on the shady side. We might take an easier road because we are to lazy to take the right one. We might feel like retaliation is the only goal. Sometimes you have to do what is right, even when it makes no sense, just because it’s the right thing to do. Let God work out the details. If He is nudging you in a certain direction at your job, he does not discriminate, listen to Him there too. It’s the right thing to do.

In the end, God is still in control. If God is in your life He needs to be in your whole life, not just the parts you want to share. God gets the whole you and your whole world or nothing. It’s the right thing to do.

…………..And so I ride


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