Hope and Faith……….do we dwell there?

Life has been just crappy lately. I think that it would be easier to deal with life sometimes if it made sense and we could figure out what in the world God was doing and why. However, it doesn’t always work that way. It is certainly easy to lose “hope” and “faith” when life is spiraling out of control and events don’t make any sense at all.

We are taught after all that God loves us and God protects us. It just doesn’t feel that way sometimes.

We have all railed at God and wondered just how big he thinks our shoulders are.

We pray, spend time in the Word, go to church every time the door opens and yet it seems that you are being singled out and punished in cruel and unusual ways. Then the next thing you know hope is gone and your faith just quits working ……………or so it seems.

Now the glowing hope and faith that burned inside you is being replaced by doubts and suspicions and you are just tired. Hope is lost and faith no longer has a place in your heart to call home.

I read something today that got me thinking and frankly made me a little ashamed of myself. Have I been not giving hope the amount of attention in my life that I should have been? It certainly seems like most times when we speak of hope it is little more than lip service. I’ll be the first to admit that hope wasn’t one of the things I placed very high on my list of important things and for some reason I placed faith far ahead of hope.

The author of these amazing thoughts hit it square on the head. “ The fact is, faith won’t function without hope. After all, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for” (Hebrews 11:1) He went on to say that when hope is lost, faith loses its aim and no longer has a mission to accomplish, scattering uselessly in any and every direction.

That was a brilliant reminder of where my mind needs to be in these dark, difficult days. The author said to let hope come alive with expectation and not desperation. Lose yourself in what God is about to do in the situation instead of fearing what will happen if He doesn’t perform like we anticipate.

That sounds like sound advice to me.

Don’t lose hope, don’t lose that gift that God gives us that what He has promised us WILL come to pass in our lives. Oh sure, this situation, or the next or the next may not turn out like we want it to. But we can be assured that this situation and each and every situation that we face, turns out the way God intends it to.

Find the peace that God promises, interestingly enough some days peace does not look like happiness but happiness is fleeting where Gods peace is constant and everlasting and a true blessing.

We might not believe it, it might not feel like it but God is in control of what happens in His children’s lives. I have faith that God is with me no matter what I am walking through and I do not journey alone.

………………and so I rideHope and Faith

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