Because the Bible tells me so!

I was reading my Bible this morning, trying to come across some answers for why life happens as it does. I came across some very thought provoking scripture on burdens. Psalm 68:19 tells us that god bears our burdens, not once in awhile, but daily. Philippians 4:6-7 tells us that we shouldn’t be anxious, but instead present our requests to God.

The Bible is full of instructions, if we look, we can find answers to whatever is going on in our lives. Well let me rephrase that, we can read about solutions to our problems. Its all in there.
Right now however, I am weary, I feel alone and I can’t take much more and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to live those beautiful words I am reading.

Sounds kinda like whining doesn’t it? What am I thinking……..God gave me the instruction book, he gave me access to that instruction book, God actually gave me all I need to live the life He intended for me.

There is not a thing in this world we want that we
don’t have to act to make a reality. If I don’t go to work each day and actively do the million things it takes to run my school, school doesn’t open. If I don’t shop and cook we don’t eat. If we don’t shovel the sidewalk in the winter we don’t go anywhere. You get the picture. To get results, you gave to do the work.

So whose responsibility is it to see that these writings are carried out in my life? It is mine.
Whose responsibility is it to read, study, memorize and hide these scripture in my heart so that I can live them each day? It is mine.
Whose responsibility is it to pray and reflect on what I have just read. It is mine.

So yes I am weary, feel alone and feel like I can’t take much more, but if I stop, sit quietly I can hear God asking me…….how are you my child, tell me what you need.

Now I know that when I am weary and can’t take much more I can go to a Him and He will give me rest. Matthew 11:28 tells me that. When I feel alone I can actively chose to imprint Isaiah 41:10 and Matthew 28:20 on my heart. He is with me always……how do I know that?

Because the Bible tells me it is so.

…………and so I ride



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