It’s to late

“It’s to Late”

If adversity and suffering are good for nothing else, it helps us to bring into focus the things in life that are important and the things in life that are not.

I wish I had spent more time with my kids when they were growing up, now it’s too late, we have no relationship.

I wish I had saved more money for retirement, now it’s too late, I’m living on a retirement budget that doesn’t cover the bills.

I wish I would have taken care of my marriage when I had a chance, now it’s too late, I’m facing divorce.

My Mom said something to me that pierced me right to the heart for her today. “Sis, she said, do the things that matter now, you never know when you are not going to get another chance to do them.” I had heard that a thousand times, but somehow with my Dad laying in an ICU unit unable to walk, talk, eat or drink, well………………that age old sentiment took on a whole new meaning.  

However, it wasn’t the lesson I was expecting to come forth.

At first I kept thinking that we need to do the things that create memories and bring happiness while we are able. Things like spending time with our kids, saving money for retirement, worked on our marriage, taking the dream vacation and building the house we always wanted.

Then as I was sitting in “my” corner of the ICU and yet another Dr was trying to discover the cause of my Dad’s illness, it hit me. Yea, we sure do need to make sure that we make our time on this earth count, we all know our days are limited. We might like to claim invincibility, but our earthly days will come to an end. It is guaranteed.

While those other things are important and the results can be life changing, they are not lifesaving. Sending time with our kids , saving more money and caring for our marriage are important but their usefulness is strictly tied to our time on earth.

Never had a picture been painted quite so clear for me as to why we ride to bring souls to Christ, why hundreds and thousands of Bibles are handed out, why prayers are going to heaven in a constant stream.

Never has a picture been painted quite so clear for me that there are different degrees of importance of the things we put off. Some things we put off result in an uncomfortable situation for us, some things we put off can have much more severe consequences.

Don’t put off the truly important things. Find out about this God you are always hearing about. Seek the truth about Christ and why He died. Take Christ as your own, accept His gift of eternal life and start living like the royalty you are. I don’t think the legacy we want to leave is that we were “too late”.


………………….and so I ride



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