Put fear in it’s proper place, in God’s hands

When you are facing something scary and difficult it is really hard not to panic and give in to despair. As I am watching my Dad slip further and further away it is hard to keep the emotions and fear at bay. I think that it is so hard to watch because it represents so many things.
It represents the end of things as we knew them. It represents uncertainty and if I am honest, it represents a fear inside that time is marching on and the same thing that is happening to Dad could happen to any of us.
I have always been pretty good in a crisis and have lived through some pretty tough stuff. In all those circumstances the hardest thing to battle was the fear. It was the greatest enemy. Fear will paralyze and cripple you. Fear will take your focus off God,
I am finding now, just as I did in all those other crisis, that if I can recognize the opportunity in this situation to learn something more about God, it helps to diffuse the fear. Though the situation is so painful it almost leaves me breathless, God is still God. He is near and that is comfort.
I have to be disciplined and make myself listen for God when He whispers guidance. I have to quiet the fear and rest in trust. It would be easy to curse God and become trapped in despair but isn’t it really just as easy to rejoice and praise God for what I have.
Romans 8:28
I admit that when I am hurting it is hard to remember that God is going to work this out for my good. But for me anyway the secret to the truth of this scripture is realizing that this is a place of refuse I can always come back to. If I remove the fear and trust that God is God, I can cuddle up in the knowledge that after the pain the sun will shine again. I have to hold onto the truth that tomorrow promises a glorious dawn.
A thought comes to me this morning (placed there by something I read somewhere I’m sure), I think sometimes we go through difficult times not because God doesn’t know how strong we are, but rather because we don’t know how strong we are. With God here beside me, I have all the strength I need. Amenimages (3)


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