When it feels like god deserts you.

Psalm 88:6

“Thou has laid me in the lowest pit. In dark places, in the deep”

Ever feel like God has abandoned you? I think if we were honest we would all admit that we have. We have all had times when the pain and despair feel like they have taken up permanent residence in our lives. We have all had times when we can barely take the next step let alone contemplate walking the complete journey,

God feels distant and up reachable and we feel abandoned. It happens more than you think. So you pray and you pray diligently……… and you’re met with silence. The silence is real and so loud it drowns out every last sensation except the voice that keeps telling you that God abandoned you.
It must be more common than we think, cruise through Psalms and you will find plenty of distressed cries to God.

Can there really be good hidden in the agony that sears our soul? Well, that question bothered me a great deal. I look around and there are as many people living with mind numbing pain as there are people enjoying the riches of peace.

But wait a minute, why? And is this fact somehow a good thing in disguise? Then I found 1 Peter 3:7. Read it and pay special attention. It feels like a warm blanket on a cool night. We are born again to a living hope, we get for our very own an inheritance fit for royalty and that inheritance is imperishable and undefined. Read that again and let it soak into your soul. We are protected by God, there did you catch that? Read it again…….we are protected by God………not sometimes, not once in awhile, always. Even in His silence.

So, if it says in the Bible this is not unusual, my next question is why would God do this to us? Would a loving a Father really withdraw so far that his children think they have been abandoned and thrown to the wolves and left to fend for themselves? Apparently, but I am still wondering why.

Well maybe, just maybe we still have a thing or two to learn about God and He thinks the time has come to teach us. We,being the hard headed, stubborn souls we are usually can’t take the easy road to anything, God knows this so He puts us in a position we have to dig so far inside ourselves that we dig right past our own being and we find God.
We have to dig so deep we not only find God, but we come to know Him in a way we never experienced before.

So grab the promise God gives us and hold into it with a vengeance. He says that He will reveal more and more of himself to those who seek Him.
Somehow I don’t think it was supposed to be easy. Things worth having are worth fighting for.

Fight to know God in the deepest level possible. You won’t regret it.


………and so I ride


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