Time at the carwash

I think our carwash is one of the busiest places in town. On the 4th of July Earl and I rode in the parade with our CMA group the Glory Riders. Before we could go to the parade however we had to spend a couple hours cleaning and shining our bikes. I took mine to the carwash and half the town was there cleaning and shining their rides. When we got to the parade starting lineup, saddlebags and trunks were popped and out came the rags and spray to make our bikes, cars, and whatever we were showing off shine. It was a lot of work but when it came time for the parade to start we were sparkling like a new diamond.

I think a lot of people tend to think that the road to salvation is a lot like getting ready for a parade. They think that they have to clean up their lives in order to come to God. Think again! It was a lot of work to get spiffed up for the parade, coming to God does not require the same trip to the carwash. It doesn’t matter how hard we try, how well we live or how much we change, we can’t “earn” our Father’s love.

Oh sure we can clean our outsides up, shower, shave, new clothes, haircut, brush our teeth, deodorant, cologne and we are a different looking and smelling person. But you know what, you are still the very same person on the inside. We can’t fix our hearts by ourselves.

Think about this. God knows the desires of our hearts, He knows our thoughts, all of them, He hears ever carelessly uttered word and He knows our motives. The world around us only sees us as we present ourselves to them. They can’t see the same thing that God does.

So when the world thinks we are good, honorable and moral people, God knows the true condition of our hearts and He knows why we do the things we do. Sorry, but according to Romans 3:23 we all fall short of the glory that is God.

We don’t have to spend countless hours cleaning up our lives we simply have to believe that God is real and wants to reward us with eternal life. Seek Him, earnestly seek Him and you can gain that reward. Admit you are mired down in sin and no matter how many times you go to the carwash and how much deodorant and cologne you buy you can’t rid yourself of the stench of sin.  If we are living apart from the forgiveness that only God can give us, we are going to be living with sin. Ask God to take it, it is that simple.

So save the quarters that you would spend at the carwash, and get on your knees. Admit you have the problem of sin and that it is personal and runs deep and you can’t rid yourself of it. Ask Him and it is a done deal, sin is forgiven and when you get off your knees a miracle has happened. You will be cleaner than any powerscrub at the carwash can get you. You have been power scrubbed by the Great One and he has given you an eternal dose of wax to help repel the darts that Satan will surely hurl you way.

Jesus is the only one who can do this for you, save your money, come to Jesus not the carwash.


…………….and so I ride

………………..and so I rideROmans 323


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