Gossip, it has the power to consume everything in its path

Human nature, we are all human, we are all imperfect and believe me we all act like it.
One of the most powerful things we have in our possession is something we can use for good or bad, with this weapon we can move mountains or we can watch as things go up in smoke because we didn’t use this weapon in the right way.
Words, a few simple words have the power to change things in a big way. The trouble is that way can be either good or bad, depending on how those words are used.
We as Christians try to avoid those pesky things called sin. Apostle Paul gives us a list, in Romans 1:29-31 we are told that the list includes, evil, greed, envy, murder, deceit, malice, gossip and slanderers, arrogance, disobedience.
Did you catch the fact that gossip is included in this list. Gossip is nothing more than our words spoken to another. Seems pretty innocent.
A couple of thoughts are running around my mind. I read a very good example of gossip that painted an excellent word picture.
We have all lighted kindling and set that kindling beneath a stack of logs. The fire began to spread first to one log then to another until finally the blaze is burning hot and consuming all in its path.
Words are just words but if they are about someone else and their life and those words are whispered to another, good intentioned or not, those words become gossip. Those words are more likely than not going to be like that kindling, they are going to spread whether we swear the hearer to secrecy or not.
Yes, I know that most times when we talk to someone else we claim we do it to try to get a better understanding of the situation, to try to sympathize with the person we are gossiping about but are we accomplishing any of that by talking to another person about a situation that we cannot possible know all the pertinent details about and most probably only have unsubstantiated facts about? Don’t assume you know all the facts even if you are a good friend who has seen more than your share of the situation.
The thing is, the person you are talking to someone about is a real person with feelings, and they are not their situation. They are a hurting, vulnerable, humiliated, embarrassed, dejected and feeling hopeless real life person.
Your good intentions can backfire and leave the person being talked about feeling like an outsider and questioning good intentions and their walk with God and more than likely wanting to crawl into a hole and never come out. Yes, I am preaching to the choir here but life has a way of teaching us valuable lessons.
If you must talk about a situation that someone is dealing with, talk with the person dealing with the situation, or better yet, talk with God. He will give you solid guidance.
…………………………..and so I ride.

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