Gods promises are said to be both precious and great



My son once told me (when he was far away from me), “It’s cool we can both look at the same moon even when I’m hundreds of miles away.

How true that is. To have that one connection makes us feel like we are not so quite alone. I gain comfort from looking up into the sky at the distant moon and knowing at that same instant my son is seeing the same thing.


Just by seeing that moon I gain hope, I gain confidence and I gain comfort. My kids are not so far away, after all, we are all looking at the same moon in the sky.


Hope is an awesome thing.


Oh how I need hope.


 This world is not an easy one to live in. Heartache, worry, and stress are our worldly companions. Day in and day out Satan lays traps to take our eyes off Christ and he puts worldly strife in our hearts.


But we are not supposed to live that way, Look at Hebrews 6:19-20. There it tells us we have a hope that is an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast. He wants us to know He is near and He is watching over us.



 I’m only speaking for myself, but I’m not sure that we are living like we have that kind of hope.


I read this weekend a wonderful quote, “Hope is the silver cord that connects us to heaven”.


What a beautiful thought. We have a direct link to heaven, are we living like we do?


I got home from visiting my parents last night and as I was unpacking the camper I came across a card Mom had stuck in a bag of goodies for Earl and I. She wrote that Earl and I are living a life that her and Dad had dreamed of but never got to fulfill. But in the very next statement, without missing a beat she gives thanks to God for 56 years of a great and loving marriage.


That takes my breath away. She is living a tough life but she has not lost her hope, and she has not lost her thankfulness. I think I can learn a thing or two from my Mom.


In Christ we have it all, but we tend to forget we have it all. We definitely forget to thank God for the things we do have and the hope and promises we live with.


God gives us the encouragement we need, He gives us the assurances we need. He wants us to live with hope and assurance and to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that His promises to us will come to fruition and that our days ahead are in His care.


He wants us to know with confidence that we will inherit all He promises. We can bank on that hope, we can trust in it and feel secure in it. Are we thankful for that kind of confidence?


 Just like looking at the moon in the sky reminds me that my kids are safe where they are and we are looking at the same moon, God gives us the Bible to hold on too, to take to heart and to remind us He is near. God gives us a direct line to talk to Him, He gives us a silver cord of hope linked directly to heaven.


I will grab hold of my silver cord of hope, I will meditate on the Bible, I will walk with God, I will pray and talk with my God, I will remember the sacrifices given for me.


I will grab hold of my silver cord of hope and know that someday I will walk with Him hand in hand, and someday I will talk with Him face to face. 


Thank you God for that moon you put in the sky……………you did that just for me, right?


Yea, I thought so.




…………………and so I ride


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