Think about the people you have met on your motorcycle.

I think of the guy in the Snowy Range Mountains of WY who took our photo in front of Lake Marie. That beautiful photograph now adorns our wall. I think about the weary traveler who lost his sister to a motorcycle crash earlier in the week, I think about the lady who sought us out in a restaurant as we were waiting for a table, just to tell us thank you for the work we do.

You know the people I am talking about, the lost souls who somehow gravitated to you, the battered and beaten spouses who somehow found their way to you. The lonely widower, the spunky new retiree, the young man on his first bike, you know who they are and you remember talking to them.

Now, let’s switch gears here for just a minute.

You are a born again believer and you know that time in not on our side. You are anxiously waiting on heaven. There is nothing that can take that hope away from you. It fills you every day, it boils within you until it spills out in your life. It is seen in your every action, every reaction, every thought. Living for Christ is who you are and what you do.

Our bikes become a mighty tool, we jump on and go on a search and rescue mission for God.

But what if we rode our motorcycles just to ride, just to enjoy the scenery, just to feel the wind in our hair and to experience those glorious twisties and turns we all seek out.

My heart has never sang quite as joyous a song as when I saw a roadside sign last summer on a trip that said “Curvy road next 99 miles”!

Oh yea!

We do experience all that (and love it more than a little) but if that is all we ride for we are stealing hope.

We are stealing the future and we are robbing unbelievers of the chance for the glorious love that fills our every pore. What if we are the only person to connect with a certain somebody and give the message of hope that Jesus Christ offers? What if our words are the only words that somehow get through the walls and fortress that so often are built around hearts?

We are robbing ourselves of knowing we made a difference. I doubt very much any one of us would give up what we experience every single day with Christ in our lives without a lot of kicking, screaming and an all-out war. How can we rob someone else of the chance to experience what we cherish so much?

Look what we go through to follow Christ. It is not easy but yet we are steadfast in our pursuit.

Finally we are robbing God of the glory that is ultimately and completely His as He adopts new followers into His family.

I want to offer hope, not steal it!


………………………….and so I rideImage

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