Ever had one of those moments when you want to throw in the towel on doing the right thing? You know what I’m talking about, when the “oh poor me” factor takes ahold and you are uttering under your breath, I try so hard to do what’s right and I end up being the one who gets hurt/ loses/ looks like a fool.

Or what about the more hurtful times  when you are honestly seeking and following what God is telling you and the situation gets a little sticky (just like you and God had chatted about)? Of course this is the time that everyone tells you what you should be doing differently.

What about those times?

What do you do when good intentions are misunderstood or misinterpreted? When seeking and following Gods lead is questioned, when you are doing the best you can, the best you know how and it still doesn’t turn out like you expected? Or what about those blasted hurtful opinions when your troubles are played out in a more public forum than you anticipated and your actions are questioned?

What do you do in the times when you want to throw in the towel on doing the right thing and get in there and fight dirty with the rest of the players. How do you keep from withdrawing to guard your heart and how do you keep doing the right thing when it is so hard? Unfortunately the road God sends us down, is at times, filled with muck and on that road, there will be other travelers and those other travelers will have something to say.

How do you stay the course that in your heart you know God is sending you on when it hurts so damn bad at times? How do you stay the course when you are road weary and ready to disappear?


Unfortunately convenience and comfort is not always a factor when we are choosing to seek and follow God.

I read this recently and it made sense to me.  Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda is not a state I choose to live in, I want to live in the “I –tried-to-do” state. Would I ever forgive myself if I didn’t even try? Stay in the game for you can’t win if you don’t play. Discouragement will come and God warns that negative reinforcement abounds. Criticism is nothing more than a “critical” mind. The truth is, no one knows ALL the facts of any situation they do not personally live in. Therefore stand on the truth “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Philippians 4:13

How do you stay the God given course you are on? One step at a time with a spirit that lets you finally see the plans He has for you. Remember, His plans are to prosper you and to make all things work for good. His love is infinite and unshakable, He is there when you cry out, guaranteed. You are the one who wants to flee, not God.

Be willing to drop the hurt that you cling to and realize that people will have opinions, of course they will but more often than not they are offered in love whether it feels like it or not. Throw down and stomp those thoughts that are detrimental to your journey. When you are road weary and want to go on permanent vacation……………Don’t concentrate on the things that hurt you, look for the things that heal you.

So when you are seeking and following God, when times are tough and the going is anything but smooth, STAY YOUR COURSE, do what God is telling you to do, because if you don’t do it, there is no one else who can. You are where you are because God put you there to do a job. He didn’t ask those watching, He didn’t wait for approval and He doesn’t expect you to get your approval from anyone BUT HIM. Have the courage to follow the one who can make the destination of the journey a reality.

And as for the ones sharing the journey with you, let them share their opinions for what they are, “a chance to love you enough to offer help”



…………………..and so I ride




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