Sometimes life brings us opportunities that change our perspectives.

I was sitting in my office talking with a good friend about a difficult health situation that I am facing and the difficult circumstances at work and the conversation turned to perspective, our perspective of our lives. Somehow the frustrations of my life were taking precedence over the realities I had available as the Daughter of Royalty.

God does not bring us suffering or difficult situations just for the sake of suffering, when (not if) He brings us to something that is difficult, there is a purpose. However that situation does often  have a way of changing one’s perspective.

It is quite simple really, God will give us the grace to endure………………if we let Him. He gives us all the tools we need to make it through.

I read a quote somewhere that really says what I am feeling. “When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away your ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer. “

That sounds like advice I will apply to my life, even when my life gets dark. God is my engineer, I will choose to stay aboard and endure the, at times dark ride.

So during this storm in my life, I choose to remember how big God is. I choose to understand that sometimes God will wreck my plans instead of letting my plans wreck me. I choose to understand that the struggle I am facing today is developing the strength I need for tomorrow. I choose to remind myself that yes, His plans are indeed better than my dream and it is only when I am down to nothing that the realization comes that God is up to something.

So today, I am changing my perspective. I will remember what is important and what is not. And I will remember that no matter what……………………………God Has This.





…………….and so I ride

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