Unlikely lessons

I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of weeks now. Why are lessons so tough to learn sometimes, why are we put through tough times with companions like loneliness, abandonment, illness, and despair, all in the name of “life lessons”?

Sometimes it is hard to know God’s plan in your life and you can drive yourself crazy looking for answers. I guess that at times, God needs us to walk through the fire when we are simply not getting it by reading books, even the Bible and going to church and hanging with friends who think like we do. Hmmmm……………..could it be we can learn a lot more by observing and walking with the Master than simply reading  and talking about Him?

I think if we are honest with ourselves we all have situations that go  from excruciatingly painful to excruciatingly beautiful because of what God did, because of how He did it, because of what He showed us during the situation and because of what He keeps revealing after the fact. Even though it might have been the most pain you have ever been through in your life, when you got through it you could whisper a heartfelt “Thank You God”.

It seems that even when we believe we are walking closely with God, there are always things to learn and improvements to be made. It is incredibly easy for our attention and even our devotion to move from God to any number of things in our lives. It could be our jobs, it could be money, it could be our spouses (yes I did just say that), it could be anything and it is easier than you think for those things to compete with or even replace God.

 It can happen without you even realizing it and the results can be devastating. But God is pretty good at giving us those “hey will you pay attention now” little love pats.

When something becomes more important than God, good things are not going to happen. But as God is guiding us into His ways He is providing support and almost always if we are honest, we just need to choose to either accept His help or keep wallowing in our own sorrow.

Do we really believe that God can fix our marriage, heal our illness or do we simply say we do?  Do we eat, breathe and drink that fact that God is bigger than ANYTHING we are facing or do we simply say we do?

I don’t know about you but it seems to me that unlikely heartaches may teach us the biggest lessons, if we let them.



………….and so I ride


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