There is great comfort for me in the scripture Joshua 1:9. It says to not be terrified, or discouraged for God will be with me where ever I go. There ya go, it doesn’t get much plainer than that.

But have you ever had a day when you wonder if God is paying attention? You are wondering that because you are feeling alone and scared at 2 am, you are having trouble keeping the “what if’s from running rampant, and it is all you can do to keep from sitting in the corner covered with a blanket, let alone trying to remember God’s  promises to you.

Yes, I know that our wonderful God is leading, guiding and loving us in ways that only He can. He provides all that we need, strength, peace, love, joy and hope.  I know all that, I know God is real, God is there and God can help us…………………why then do we tend to walk off into the dark all alone and stumble about in a miserable fit? Well, because we are human, that is why.

We don’t see how God is working for our good behind the scenes and He is doing this absolutely 100 percent of the time. We are human, there is no way we can understand what He is doing, why He is doing it or when it will become apparent to us.

We don’t see it because we are focused on ourselves and our situation, not on Him.

We don’t always remember it, but He is there.

We don’t always sense Him, but He is there.

Want some reassurance? Let these scriptures speak to your heart.

Isaiah 43: 1-3 and 13

Psalm 139:1-6

Jeremiah 31:3

Sometimes it is a struggle to remember that God loves me unconditionally, unselfishly, totally and completely. He created the world for me, He chose me, He died for me and He promises never to leave or forsake me.

No matter how far I stray from this truth and how misguided my attention may be, it does not change the truth of God’s love for me. I can’t buy it, I don’t deserve it and the wonderful thing is, I can’t keep Him from loving me.

So I have rightfully concluded that if anyone is not paying attention, it’s probably me.



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