Something my friend Bob Welch said this past weekend got me thinking. He said, almost in passing, as we were talking about one thing or another that believing God is real and living like you believe God is real are two very different things. Yea I thought to myself, they sure are. I think if we are really honest here we all to one degree or another are guilty of treating God like a candy dispenser. Sure, we go to church, yes, we are good people, and we look like we are doing everything just right. But how much time do we spend digging into gospel and trying to gain real understanding of how God wants us to conduct ourselves in this life. Do we seek God’s will whether it is uncomfortable or not? Or we do believe in God but go about living our lives like He does not exist? Because in all honesty, sometimes just acting like a Christian is much easier than really being a Christian. I don’t think that God intended His only purpose in our lives to be making us happy. Why do we tend to think He can’t change us, or that we can handle whatever the current situation is better than He can? Or why do we flippantly think He doesn’t have the power to overcome the situation so we go off in our own direction conjuring up our own remedies and fixes? I think we can safely call this putting a bandaid on a gushing wound.  Its only a matter of time until we bleed out and are no longer able to function. Does that sound like we are severely limiting the effectiveness that God has in our lives? Does that sound like the plan God intended? In effect, are we living as Christian’s in name only? Ok, ouch, I get the point. Believing in God, and even acting like a Christian are really not the same thing as being a Christian. I believe we tend to take our Christian coats on and off just like we change our wardrobes each season. We have certain Christian garments we put on when we are acting like a Christian but when things are rolling along smoothly we slip them off until the next turn of rough weather rolls in. We pull our church clothes out of the spiritual closet every Sunday morning but rarely put them on the other six days of the week. Are we guilty of emulating Christ like behavior, you know things like being kind and compassionate, generous and helpful. But are we doing so without the work it takes to make sure our spiritual center stays strong and available. We can be kind and generous and good people, and still not be living as true Christians. If we are honest most people we know are “good people”. We can be all those things and still not be Christians in the full meaning of the word. However, we spend a whole lot of time (come on admit it, you know I am right) going through the motions of what we think a Christian should be or how a Christian should act. And you can be dang sure we are watching others to make sure they are “doing it right, more so than we are focusing our full attention on what God wants of us. A little attention to building an intimate relationship with Him goes a long way. To take my eyes off what others are doing and concentrate of His goals for me, His plans for me and His directions to me that seems like it might be more what He wants from me. I like what John Bevere said, “If we are going to be authentic and relevant, we must embrace truth and allow it to transform us at our very core. Maybe we should stop acting like Christians, and just be Christians. Dottie ……………………and so I rideImage

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