Whats wrong with your marriage?

What’s wrong with this picture?
I think that almost all women and men must at one time or another think these things about their spouse. 
Our wedding day seems a lifetime ago and the road we have traveled has been anything but smooth. Yet we walk this road with a passion, dedication and a destination that seems preset for us but not necessarily the best road for us . 
I have come to know you completely and yet at times I don’t think I know you at all, you are a complex and sometimes hard person to get close to. When you let me close, it is a wonderful place to be. The problem is, It seems I spend a lot of time either sitting at the bottom of the wall you have built with such complexities or scratching and clawing my way over to where I know your heart must be waiting, only to find that there is yet another detour.
Give me the map, I am waiting for the map. 
Some days I don’t think you have changed me one bit but the honest truth is you have changed me forever. You can see what is good and true in me but at times, you have trouble forgiving me for those very things. 
You are who I was born to love, you are who I need to love, yet you are not who I expected to love. I expected white picket fences and happily ever after. The reality is we are having to work very hard at the happily ever after part of our story. Should it be this hard?
Without you there would be no me and yet, there is a fierce independent fire burning inside of me that screamed to be acknowledged by you. I want to be one with you but at the same time I want my uniqueness acknowledged and celebrated. 
My likes, hopes and dreams are different than yours. That does not make them wrong, it just makes them different. 
So why do I write these things? 
Because they are true, because they are things that we think about every day. 
Reread those words. Where is the focus? Me Me Me Me……………………where is God in this scenario? 

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”
Ecclesiastes 4:12
Make no mistake, marriage is tough business and if you think you are going to sail through it without God’s help, you would be wrong. 
We can be the strongest individuals on earth but for a marriage to prosper and grow, there needs to be three persons present………you, your spouse and God……….AT ALL TIMES. 
We might pride ourselves on being loners but within the confines of marriage, two is the highest earthly unity we can experience, and two strands often unravel. Inviting God to join our marriage gives us unbreakable heavenly three stranded unity. 
So add that third strand to your marriage, don’t stop by just letting the strands touch each other, let them entwine, intermingle and become tightly woven. Watch how your focus switches from me, me, me to you, ME and God. 
We will be strengthened by what is now unbreakable. 

………………and so I ride.Image


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