A Tale of Two Bikes

I remember when I bought her. It was the best day ever. She taught me things about myself that I didn’t know existed and she brought things out of me that had lain dormant for many years. I found courage, freedom, pride, independence, my voice and a love for the road. For that I’ll always be grateful. But it was time to move on, or ride on as it were.

Is it any wonder then that standing in that parking lot with my two bikes, knowing she might be going to a new home that very night, that I was hit with the most bittersweet feeling I have ever known.

When Mr New Harley Owner drew cash out of his wallet I knew my time with Glitter was over. I had a feeling just like when we leave the dogs at the kennel, you better take care of her “or else”! But my worries were short lived. His comment upon leaving was “I was always the short guy on the Honda, I have waited years for this.” At that moment I was thinking to myself, alright dude! This is a good fit, you are gonna love your new bike! Take her home and start polishing that chrome!

I turned around and headed for “Honey”. Her and I, we have a God given mission. Not that Glitter wouldn’t have gotten me down the road in fine style, she would have.

With motorcycles, if you are in your favorite Harley dealership just browsing and “she” catches your eye. Well forget it, you are going home with a new bike. Doesn’t matter that she was a tad bit more than the shirt that also called your name or the outrageously priced purse, call it the itch, call it spontaneous, call it destiny, call it crazy, it is what it is. You are ending the day with a new bike.

So to Glitter, thank you for what you allowed me to learn about myself and to Honey, get ready , we have a mission field to conquer, you,me and God.



……….and so I rideImageHoney


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