Unconventional,uncomfortable and uncompromising

We are gathered in my living room this afternoon and of course the conversation rolled around to God and motorcycles. Riding season is upon us (thank gosh) and there are many things we should be thinking about.

We cannot forget to be safety minded when we ride and do all the bike maintenance to ride safely. We need to stay current with all the laws of all the states we ride in. We need to be mindful of those we ride with and ride safely in all instances. Good riding apparel  is important to stay comfortable and dry and safe (and fashionable). There is a lot to think on when preparing for riding season, that is just the tip of the iceberg, or motorcycle as it were.

 But yet something is nagging on me.

What makes for a good ride? Is a good ride “good enough”? If we truly are Riding for the Son, shouldn’t every ride start and end with that purpose?

We all know what a good motorcycle road consists of and how fun those twisties can be. But when you climb off your bike at the end of the day what have you accomplished? Yea it was fun but there has to be more we are to accomplish with the gifts and motorcycles God has given us than riding the twisties (though that can be exhilaration at its highest).

Speaking strictly of myself, riding to me is an extension of who I am now. God gives us all talents (whether we admit it or not, we all have a gift) and God places us in diverse positions in our lives to best use those talents. We had a very inspiring conversation this afternoon with some friends. I believe we are placed in different churches, in different situations and given different desires, motivations and passions to reach more people for Christ.

We just need to have the courage to step out with our convictions and trust God enough to know He is coming along for the ride and will see us through wherever our mission takes us.

During the summer months our “church” attendance is down but that doesn’t mean we aren’t out there being ambassadors of God. The nice weather gives us the opportunity to take our “church” on the road and reach out to those God has placed in our path. We are the “church” outside the walls.

Unconventional………yes, but nothing Jesus did was conventional, why do we think it would be any different for us?

Uncomfortable……….at times, but those are the times that we learn from.

Uncompromising…………………absolutely, when you are on a mission, you are on a mission. Period.

The best way to reach people for Christ is just be what God called you to be.


……………………..and so I rideImage

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