When tragedy strikes

Well, days like today make you question absolutely everything. Many families were touched by this horrific accident. The city and the county were enveloped in fear and sorrow as we waited. We waited to hear how many cars, we waited to hear how many victims, we waited to hear how many fatalities.
But mostly we waited to hear the answer to “Why God, why did you let this happen?”
We want answers as to how in the world a loving God can do this, we want a reason for the tragedy.
When bad things happen that make us question our trust in God, we have two choices. We can either flee and run as far as we can from God, or we can run home, as close as we can to God.
It is normal I guess,( it certainly is for me), to want to know the “why “of events. We think that with reasons we can get some comfort and we can gain the courage to walk forward through the pain. With reasons we turn to self-reliance and not leaning on God during tough times. That doesn’t seem like such a good idea.
I’m not sure we are meant to understand all things, I am sure we are meant to trust, even when it makes no sense.
In times like these lean on the truth of who God is and what God is. Lean on his love, lean on the fact that God is here to help us through this.
I for one don’t want to be driven crazy wondering why this was allowed to happen, so that means I have some choices to make. Do I trust God and what He is doing or not? Sometimes there simply are no answers this side of heaven.
Dr James Dobson says it so wonderfully, “If we truly understood the majesty of the Lord and the depth of His love for us, we would certainly accept those times when He defies human logic and sensibilities. Indeed, that is what we must do.”

Indeed, that is what we must do.Image
…………………and so I ride


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