Spiritual Gifts, Open Doors and the planting of a church


You know me, I write in the moment, about what is happening in my life at the time it is happening. This story does not stray from that.

We were on the 2014 Run for the Son. We were standing in a circle holding hands, joining many other CMA groups in the US in prayer.  People were taking turns praying. We went around the circle and one gentleman prayed for fellow Christians to recognize and use their spiritual gifts in a manner that helps others and to open the doors for opportunities…………..and my mind was off running.

Everybody has something to offer.  I think sometimes we tend to stand back and let everyone else serve because we think we have nothing worthwhile to give. Either that or we decide that it is safer and easier somehow to ignore the gifts that God has given us and oftentimes has told us how to use.

However, the Bible says that spiritual gifts are abilities that God gives every believer to be used for the common good of the body of Christ and are a reflection of God’s nature that is carried within. Your spiritual gift reflects God’s design and direction for you and letting your gift shine should elicit great thirst from you. A spiritual gift should bring joy and satisfaction and determination that is born of God given passion.

That sounds like a plan to me, it doesn’t sound like God just forgot to include you when He was handing out spiritual gifts. I read something that made me smile, it said that God didn’t save us to have us become members of Christians Anonymous. He put us here to serve.

I guess I am thinking of an example I am watching unfold of  a call to service, gifts being used, and passion and thirst being channeled and flowing into great work for God.

I am watching the planting of a new Biker Church in our town and I am watching doors of opportunity being not only opened but blown off their hinges.

Now I don’t know for sure but I hazard to guess that God gave this burning desire to a few who have walked through dark moments and now have the desire to help others who may be walking through their own dark moments.

This gives credence to the saying that our finest moments often come from our darkest hours.

The effort is a human effort and there will be the usual human stumbles and there may even be some who will throw roadblocks just to watch the chaos ensue. However, God is firmly at the head of this effort and He makes a great bulldozer and enforcer of good.

The whole premise is to reach out and provide a safe haven to a population that can be a rough and tumble lot and is often judged by how they look and not what is inside. It is so cool to take a smoldering desire to give bikers a safe haven and watch as God bursts the small flame of desire into a full blown movement.

Expect a fight to see the church gets a solid start. Satan doesn’t just sit still as what he perceives as his territory is invaded.

It means war.

We always have a choice, we can run and hide or we can stand and fight. It reminds me a bit of the David and Goliath story. “You have come to fight me with a sword, a spear and a dagger. But I’ve come to fight you in the name of the Lord.” 1 Samuel 17:45

So to those who have the courage to live their convictions, and fight the fight, Slay your giants and let God be your strength. Use your special gifts and carry the gospel through this door. God Bless you!


…………………..and so I ride


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