God is laying something on my heart this rainy, introspective night that He wants me to share. So to old friends and new friends, to myself and to anyone who feels the burden of certainty in your heart but questions in your head. When you know God has put something or someone in your life and you know it with a certainty, but you can’t move past the fear. Stand in faith and go for it.
We get caught up in the need for certainty but I’m convinced that the need for certainty is driven by the desire to avoid pain. Start down the path with only the next step in sight, God will show you the plan as you need to see it. While it is true that He may have a slightly different plan than you envisioned maybe He just wants you to step out in faith. Rest in the knowledge that ours is a God who transcends earthly logic and reason.

God will sometimes turn our worst failings into our greatest successes, for His glory, because His strength is made perfect in our weakness. (2 Cor 12:9).

Stand in faith my friends and go where God is leading you.

………… And so I ride


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