Fishers of Men

One of  the ways we can serve God is by serving people. Our ministry in CMA is to reach out to other bikers as we run across them and “change hearts”. It is relatively easy to find someone to talk to you, bikers are just like that, put on your colors and they truly do serve as a magnet, it is amazing when it happens, and it happens a lot.


Something haunts me however, or at least has been on my mind quite a bit. Let me back up just a second though. I know my ministry is to be a written ministry, God has given me that gift, but I know that it is to involve traveling on my motorcycle also.

It is not hard to draw attention when you are riding a motorcycle, especially when you are a woman, said humbly but with truth! That isn’t the problem.


I have made a commitment that I will not ride my motorcycle without my CMA colors on. I want to be easily identified as a daughter of the King for the purpose of evangelism.


Matthew 4:19 tells us to go out and Jesus will make us “fishers of men”. Notable however, immediately preceding that statement Jesus said, “follow me”. He calls us, not face to face these days, but He does indeed call us. He trains us through His word and mostly He loves us. He multiplies Himself through us.


We become fishers of men, so that those we reach can do the same and the Word can be spread throughout the land. That brings me full circle, I do talk to a lot of people when I am out riding, but the thing that bothers me is what about the ones who I don’t talk to directly but our paths cross none the less. I am the first to admit that talking is not my strong point, writing is. God has placed it on my heart to reach others that love Christ or love biking or better yet, love both, as much as I do with the written word.


An article in a magazine, a trac left here or there on our travels, (which are pretty extensive by the way), a posting on my blog or on facebook. I am not certain how it is to unfold but I am certain it is supposed to and is going to. When I was talking of this uncertainty to a good friend of mine in church yesterday, she in her always wise ways looks at me and said, that isn’t your concern, do what God is telling you and He will do the rest. Enough said. I think I will “follow” as I ride.



…………………..and so I rideImage

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