When you are on a mission and cannot be deterred, just go with it!

I was on a mission today when I got home from work. I pulled into the driveway, pulled on my riding boots, grabbed a jacket, a pair of gloves and the key to my bike. There was no way I was letting this weather pass without riding at least a little way. As stands to reason, my course had to include going by where hubby works and slipping through the parking lot, not to rub it in that he was working and I was riding but something much more innocent, ok maybe not, I was rubbing it in.

Riding gives me a chance to think and these were my thoughts today.

We ride motorcycles for many reasons and I think that I have made it pretty clear what riding has done for me. It has meant empowerment, finding out what I am capable of, freedom, confidence, it was about me growing into who I was capable of being.

However, as life is so fond of doing, riding started to evolve from simply “riding” for pleasure to wanting something more out of my time on the bike, I wanted to ride with a purpose and travel with meaning.

This has been a season of searching for me and I don’t know why it surprises me that something I love as much as riding my motorcycle would not be included in the evolution. Earl and I sort of gravitated to Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) looking for riding companions, and fellowship but found so much more.

Not knowing anything about this group when we joined we were surprised to find that God had plopped us right in the midst of a group of people that were generous but not obnoxious with their faith and welcomed us with open arms. We go for dinner rides, we have breakfast meetings and we ride, but more than that, much more than that, is the fact that as unlikely as it seems, I found a way to ride with meaning and ride with purpose that for me anyway, is much more possible as part of a group of likeminded people. I may ride alone a lot but now I know I have a readily available support system that is plugged in to God.

I like the fact that CMA has a doctrinal statement and a mission statement because I like boundaries and goals, but yet the mission field is not hemmed in by four walls and is only limited by how far you feel like riding that day. I like the fact that you put on the CMA logo and you are instantly recognizable as someone who loves God, which opens up a lot of conversations and the right conversations can lead to changed lives.

The sad fact is that bikers have a bad reputation and just like any other group of people, there are a few bad apples but by and large bikers and the most generous and gentle people I know. We can have a part in changing that negative image to who we really are by letting our hearts and souls shine with the love of Christ.

Now that Run for the Son is upon us I am finding that the one fundraising event CMA undertakes, has taken on a whole new meaning to me. It is no longer about getting enough donations to get the free t-shirt, it is about reaching out to anyone we run into along the way, it is about fellowship, it is about sharing the precious news that Jesus is the road to salvation. God has a plan, I have His vision and together we can travel a long ways.

Right now I have a fire that in me that is burning hot, and I want to join the forces that are “changing the world one heart at a time” I want to raise money but not for a shirt that I may or may not wear but to raise money to make sure as many people as possible are reached with the good news of Christ.

Run for the Son on the surface is raising money just like thousands of other causes, but I found it  is so much more than money, it is about freedom, love, eternal life, fellowship, and the chance to tell others about the God who loves us enough to keep His hand extended to us no matter what. I glow from the inside when I think of the unconditional love that God serves up to us all and to get the chance to tell others about that love PLUS ride my bike, well that makes me glow like a light bulb!

If you have never stood in a parking lot around dozens of bikes, linking hands with the riders of those bikes as a unified prayer is lifted upwards, try it, it is indescribable. The logo that immediately identifies you as a follower of Christ is a magnet for conversations about our Lord. If you have never had a perfect stranger come up and say thank you for the things the people in your motorcycle club do, trust me, it is amazing.

It is thrilling to know that a ride isn’t just a ride anymore, a ride is a chance to share the love of our Father and watch Him work as He changes lives. You certainly do not have to belong to this certain Christian Motorcycle club to do this or feel this way, or any club for that matter, but I am speaking for me only, it makes a world of difference to have support of this kind behind you.

Imagine,  All because you decided to take a motorcycle ride!


………………………and so I rideImage


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