Amazing Grace Indeed

miscellaneous-mountains-molehills-major_issue-minor_issue-over_reaction-rmon2052lTrials and tribulations are a given.  I also know that the more we seek God the bigger the barriers get, ant piles become mole hills become Mt Everest. But I swear that sometimes  you need to take a white flag to bed so that before you get up in the morning  you can declare a truce.

As the storms of life rage on it is really easy for  the truth of God’s promises to get drowned out and before you know it the focus of your attention is the storm and not God.It is easy to think that God is plotting against us instead of grounding us in His truth.

Such has been the last two days in my world. It has been a rough couple of days. Joy followed quickly with the tragedy of the situation.

I long for peace and rest but I know that to give up the fight is to run the risk of losing sight of the destination. I don’t ever want that to happen again. It is decision time , take the high road,take the low road?  I can wallow in pity, cast blame, become resentful and bitter, and believe me in this situation it would be very easy to do all of those, I could and at times do feel like waving the white flag for real and surrender seems so easy and restful……………….or I can turn to God and humbly and earnestly ask what is His purpose. I can remember that I have an awesome God, one that can move mountains (even Mt Everest) , my God wrote the book on salvation and He conquered death. Would He really abandon me as is so easy to assume?

We don’t get to pick the number of storms that rage in our lives, we are done when God says we are done, storms serve a purpose whether we choose to believe that or not. God is planning how He will take the devastation and destruction and turn it into good. After the fiercely destructive storm God will send a cleansing and healing rain to clear the path for the next step.

We cannot have an honest testimony if we have not walked the path of destruction. Once the healing rain of heaven cleanses us, (as Point of Grace so beautifully puts it), we can go tell our story, we can paint our victory and write our book. The world is now our mission field to be His voice, to show His touch, to give an answer, to show His love, to give His hope, to Shine His light. That was paraphrased of course but is a beautiful, comforting and exciting thought none the less.

I guess more than anything writing this was my way of making sure I stand through this latest devastating circumstance, to look beyond it and see the possibilities.

I am not fighting this fight alone, nor am I fighting it with human courage, my courage and strength is directly connected to the sovereignty of God. I also realize that unless God is with me, I am destined to lose the battle, every time.So why would I choose to go it alone?



…………………and so I ride




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