Don’t let the darkness overtake you

I have heard the quote that it only takes one small candle to light a dark room, then I take into consideration another quote I am familiar with, that thousands of candles can be lighted from that one candle. The fact is that the moment a candle enters the darkness, the darkness becomes light.

However, what we must remember is there is always a reason for the darkness we walk through before we reach the light or before we can be part of spreading the light.


If we are living in darkness it is very easy to feel as if the darkness has won and all illumination has been eliminated for ever,. If you are looking in the right places for the light,  and if you are looking for God to brighten up your world, the light is never extinguished. The light may be momentarily hidden by things of the world, or we are blinded by our lack of vision, but the light is there .


Don’t let living in darkness become a self imposed prison, we do have a choice, we can sit in the cellar and hang out with the home canned vegetables where it is cold, musty and dark, or we can take a chance, call on God and come into the light.


Now I realize that it is a struggle to see the light some days, it is hard to see the goodness. However, as it says in 1 Thessalonians 5:5, we are all children of the light and children of the day. We were never meant to dwell in darkness.


I do believe we can hold onto the promise God made us, He alone holds the power, I mean really……………….all God had to say was “let there be light” and guess what, there was light.

Consider Psalm 139:10-


If I fear that the darkness will cover me

and the light around me turn to night

(I will remember that) darkness is not dark to you

The night is as bright as day

Your right hand will hold me fast.


It would seem that the darkest night is no match for God. It takes us making a choice to attain the light but once we accept Jesus Christ as our savior, the light will never be extinguished and we can get on with lighting those thousands of other candles searching for a spark to bring their candle to life.



…………………………and so I ride




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