Going out on a limb

Noah the Movie

Going out on a limb here, but it isn’t the first time and it most likely won’t be the last.

If you go to the movies you can’t escape the controversy and I’m not talking about the popcorn prices. I’m talking about the controversy over the new movie “Noah”. Biblical based movies are nothing new, nor is controversy in the world of cinema. The film “Noah” is the re-telling of the Biblical Noah story by director Darren Aronofsky.

I would have to agree with those who say that the story we watched last night did not follow the story I have read in the Bible. However, I have also heard and read quite often that we should not expect a faithful representation of any story of the bible when it is presented as a work of art and in fact we should not expect Hollywood to handle the biblical account of Noah and the Ark with integrity and respect for the scriptures. WOW……….. why in the world should we not expect integrity and truth?  The thought was often followed by a comment about the lack of detail in the bible and an “artist” (using that term loosely” fills in the gaps with his own ideas. What’s more, I am told it opens up the possibility for conversations and that instead of the “Sunday school tale of the ark and animals, we are given a grownup story of a family struggling to be faithful, obedient, loving and compassionate in the face of widespread and intolerable evil.”  While there may be threads of faithfulness, obedience, love and compassion running through the movie, at what cost does it come?

I found lots and lots of big and little Biblical discrepancies in the movie. But that’s not really the issue. The issue to me runs much deeper than seemingly trivial discrepancies.

  Yes, some of the things seem rather trivial but to those who realize the true holy nature of God, it seems a rather cavalier attitude towards the Bible and a total disregard for someone who would send his Son to die for us, God certainly took no artistic liberties there, He honored truth and integrity.

I was not sure which details were embellished, which details were guessed about and which details were blatantly added for theatrical punch, or in other words, the almighty dollar. It seems if I can’t figure out the small details, why I should think they would get the bigger picture correct.

 What is a non-believer or someone who is searching for the truth to do with a movie like this? We all know that to be faithful, obedient, loving and compassionate will not get us to heaven.

 I saw one article that called us to re-visit what we thought we knew about the Bible story and see it with new eyes. But isn’t the truth always the truth? Just because you see it on the big screen and it doesn’t comply with the Biblical version, this doesn’t render the Biblical version untrue, it simply casts doubts where there were none before.

I quit a good writing job not too long ago because they kept editing every mention of God out of my writing. I tend to get upset when people disrespect those I love and I love God.  I get upset with this film because it takes something that is precious to me and treats it as a story that can be manipulated and mangled until it is barely recognizable. Oh how that must hurt God. I can‘t support anything that would cast any doubt whatsoever about the truth of God and I won’t support anything that would disrespect my Father.


……………………..and so I ride



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