Sometimes life is just…………………..random!

My random thoughts for the day! I love to read so I pick bits and pieces up here and there and this is just some randomness that caught my attention. Some days are like that, random!

For those of you who are a “couple”

C- Closeness (Genesis 2:24)

O- Openness (Colossians 3:19)

U- Understanding (1 Peter 3:7)

P- Peacemaking (Matthew 19:5)

L- Loyalty (Malachi 2:14)

E- Esteem (1 peter 3:7)

Dr Emerson Eggerichs


“We cannot blame God for the bad things we let into our lives”


“Live your dreams not your fears”


“Learning to rely on God’s power is the only sure way to lasting change”


“Stop obsessing about what’s wrong with you and start building on what’s right”


“The world we see around us is the world we are creating”


From Dr’s Cloud and Townsend………………..1. When I fail, I will learn from it and move on. 2. Blame will not get me where I want to go, Ownership will get me there. 3. When I take  responsibility for my problems, I am in charge.


When you are backed into a corner and think you have no choice…………….remember, YOU DO!


“Failure is the beginning of education”

Ten names of God

Jehovah Rapha- The God Who Heals

El Roiy- The God Who Sees Me

Jehovah Jirah- The Lord Who Provides

El Shadai- The Sufficient One

Jehovah Nissi- The Lord Of Protection

Jehovah Oz- The Lord Of My Strength

Adonai- The Sovereign Lord God

Jehovah Shammah- The Lord Is There

Jehovah Shalom- Our Perfect Peace

Jehovah Raah- The Lord My Shepard


In closing I say that some days are like this, just random. However one thing does not change and one thing I will never forget. I will BELIEVE THE TRUTH. “Flowers and grass fade away but what our God has said will never change. Isaiah 40:8


…………..and so I ride

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