One Sided Relationship?

I know that the devil is prowling around out there and he can and will strike without warning. I’m a christian so I’m protected and I can sit back and enjoy life now because God has my back. Right? Then how come I keep having troubles and frustrations?

If I am thinking that way then it seems like I am having a one sided relationship with God and a relationship where I am expecting Him to do all the work while I reap all the benefits. I don’t think that is what God intended our life with Him to be like.

So I go over it in my mind again.

Point one is……

It is a certainty that Satan will sneak in and gain a foothold when he can and before I know it I am fighting old, familiar battles yet again. I am thinking to myself why does this keep happening?

The question is.

Why isn’t God doing His part?

Maybe the question should be…….

“how’s your heart Dottie? Have you really made God the final authority in your life, the ONLY authority in your life?

Are you living by faith or living by Dottie’s rules? Are you really responding to the love being cast upon you in the appropriate manner?

A life devoted to Christ cannot be a one sided affair, I have responsibilities in this relationship also. Maybe it’s time put a little more effort into my side of this relationship!


……….and so I rideImage


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