What if there was a test available to show us God is real?

To a lot of people the thought of God is ambiguous, fuzzy, mysterious and not quite real. He not only doesn’t seem real to some but seems more a concept, a vague idea and a theory based on hopes and dreams not fact and reality.

They try to rationalize God in a common sense way when in actuality that is impossible, you cannot rationalize God because He is not a common being, not in any sense of the word.  I have said it before and will say it again, it is hard to believe in what you cannot see, touch, talk to or feel, I understand the difficulty of that.

There is not a test to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that God exists.  Too bad there is not some sort of dip stick type of thing that we could hold heavenward and watch it glow or something, but there isn’t. Fortunately, some believe anyway, and they are blessed (John 20:29). Sadly enough however, some live life in denial that there is a supreme being, or some live on the fringes, not quite disbelieving but not fully believing either.  2 Corinthians 5:7 tells us that we walk by faith, not by sight but not all do It does seems a worthy goal to strive for don’t you think?

That is where, for me the difficulties start, we can’t see, or talk to God so we begin to plan our lives with no help from God, not stopping to think that the God we are excluding is the God who makes it possible for us to live our lives in the manner we planned. The result of lack of belief is ultimately failure.

Another thing we fail to take into consideration, or let me rephrase that, another thing I fail to take into consideration at times is the fact that God knows me like no other person, in fact He knows me better than I know myself, yet I still tend to discount the kind help He can provide in an individualized fashion that is unique to me. Do you know what kind of money I pay for that kind of help in the job I do? It is a whole line item in my budget! The fact God provides us that intensive, individualized service free is amazing and humbling. Personal attention of that kind is nothing short of an amazing love.

I run myself ragged trying to achieve what He can accomplish with a blink of His eye. It is true that I have within me what it takes to achieve success in this life, but it is nothing born of me, it is the presiding power of my Savior Jesus Christ. The scripture Philippians 4:16-3 fills me with joy this morning.



…………………and so I ride


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