Take a Stand…………….and hang on

Rick Warren says that anytime you get serious about using your life the way God intended, you are going to have opposition. I am going to have to agree.

When you hold a vision that you know God has trusted you with and you are determined to take it where God is leading, well, all I can say, is hang on.

I am walking that path right now and ironically in more than one area in my life, one personal and one professional. As God has made the directions clear to me the opposition rages from all sides.

When opposition is made known and intensifies, it becomes more difficult to maintain focus on your goal and your heavenly help. It becomes harder to hear God’s instructions and His calm promises of help.

If God has given detailed instructions, as He has with me, focused concentration on where He is leading may be required but as opposition unfolds it is darned difficult to maintain that concentration. It seems a horrible catch 22 at best and a calculated scheme out of Satan’s play book at the very least.

In one situation I watched as a well thought out plan that was planned to be executed in a responsible, orderly fashion turn into a gossip ridden, chaotic frenzy that only Satan could have synchronized. It was painful and humiliating to live through and it wounded more than one of us deeply.

People thought I was crazy to be doing what I was and as humans are known to do, they let me know. However I knew that the plan originated with God and I also knew that the reactions I was getting and the results of the opposition were reckless earthly pride and were not of God. I do have pretty thick skin but this was beyond what I could handle alone, so I suited myself with the armour God provides, I said my prayers and I waited.

Oh how easy it would have been to slip back into the old ways because it felt more comfortable and safe. Plus it would have appeased many people. But safe and comfortable are not always where God wants us to reside and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that wasn’t the case here either.

If God asks us to walk through storms with His, we grab our umbrella and head out. If God wants us to head into the blazing forest, we grab a fire proof suit and go. If God asks us to cross the raging flood waters, we tie ourselves to Him and we dive in.

Sometimes you have a clear picture of the path from start to finish and sometimes you can’t clearly see the next step, but you continue on anyway, in faith. God never said it would be easy, but He did say He would make the trip with us.

What appears to be a city, (or your life) crumbling at your feet, is in all actuality God’s plan to rebuild from the ground up. He needs to start with a solid foundation, His foundation. Sometimes the only way to get rid of the rubble that has built up and to prepare a place for a solid foundation is to clean house with a single-minded determination. You cannot effectively prepare a new and solid foundation with old building material. Unfortunately bomb blasts are noisy and cause chaos.

Slowly as the dust settles, your vision becomes clear again and with renewed vision comes a greater determination and great joy emerges as you recognize that God has effectively cleared the way.

Just think, if you had listened to those who were voicing loud opposition and if you had retreated and not dared to trust God to lead where you were told, you might still be standing in the middle of a blazing forest with only an empty fire extinguisher.

If you are going to heed Gods calling on your life, you are going to have to develop selective hearing. Listen to the only one who can make lasting and meaningful changes.


………………….and so I ride



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