Straddling the fence

“No neutralities exist in Christ’s religion.”

When I read that it made me sit back and ponder the statement for a bit. When we love Christ and make a commitment to promote the kingdom, the days of straddling the fence are over, or at least they should be.
That brings me to the big , fancy theological word “sanctification”. Which simply put means ” set apart from sin or to be made holy”.

If we are being made holy it seems to me that the only way to accomplish that is to walk day in and day out, along the path to righteousness. It is true that the path takes us smack dab through the world, but it seems wise to watch where we take detours and sight seeing trips. Traveling through the world does not have to make us worldly, but it should make us wise travelers.

Now let’s think about the no straddling the fence issue. I suspect if truth be known a lot more of us than care to admit it want the benefits of a Christian life without the hardships that always come with that. Not straddling the fence in a relationship with Christ is about embracing the good as well as the trials. It is learning to trust that where He is guiding us, even when it is different than where we imagined, is the right place for us. It means we find love where there is no love. It means we find joy and thanksgiving where there is pain and sorrow. It means we find peace and contentment no matter where along the road we find ourselves.

So go find your fence and settle yourself on the right side of it, you will find the grass really is greener!


………and so I ride



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