Spreading the Word on my Harley

I woke up in the middle of the night to the wind howling and snow beating on my bedroom window, a stark contrast to a couple days ago when we were riding our motorcycles for the first time this season.

I couldn’t get back to sleep, either my hubby was snoring or the bed was, but my mind started wandering to the upcoming riding season (which by the way, seems far away this morning).

Freedom, exhilarating, wind, empowerment, adventure, challenging, self-esteem, confidence, inspiration, fun, excitement, these are just a few words describing why we ride motorcycles. We all know the feeling we get when we are anticipating the twists and turns of the next great piece of asphalt that awaits us.

But we must remember that along with the fun and adventure comes responsibility. Now when you think of responsibility if you are like me your mind wanders to the obvious, a current license and insurance, learning and practicing safety and rules of the road, safe riding apparel, proper eyewear, making sure your bike is safe to ride, and being aware of current laws.

I think most of us do that but our responsibility does not stop there.

Even when dressed in leather and sitting astride our big, bad bikes, we are still servants of Christ. We have a responsibility to dispense hope and love as we ride. We all study the Word of God and love Jesus Christ our Savior but we have a responsibility even when riding to carry that message forward into our lives and since our lives revolve around motorcycles,  that responsibility carries over to riding time.

We are to be active for Christ in our churches, in our communities, at our events and ON OUR BIKES. We are in the business of planting seeds where God has softened hearts, spreading the good news where God has opened doors and fellowshipping with those God has put in our path. We are to do that if it is a ride around town, a leisurely Sunday solo or a group ride of distance.

You can be sure that you are noticed when you are dressed in leathers, in your club colors and riding a motorcycle. This is our chance to make a difference doing what we love to do. It is a gift to have Christ in my heart and to be able to spread that love in such a unique way.

We have a responsibility to take that notoriety and use it for the good of God. Let’s ride and let’s take the message of victory with us! It is our responsibility, it is our gift and it is pure joy!


…………..and so I ride.Image


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