Just because we can does not mean we should.

Is living your life pushing the limits really living at all? It certainly takes our focus off God and puts it smack dab on self doesn’t it?

In many areas of our lives we tend to do whatever we want then we justify it to ourselves and try to justify it to God. But just because it is permissible does not mean it is beneficial and maybe asking ourselves that simple question is a good way to gauge our behavior.

Think about it, how many areas in our lives do we indulge in behaviors that although not forbidden are certainly not beneficial. Instead of buying only the clothes we need we buy and buy until we have one outfit for every day of the week, for the next thirty years. We are hungry and don’t stop at just enough to satisfy our hunger, we eat the whole package instead. You get the idea, you can fill in your personal blanks. I have a vision running through my head right now of standing at the pearly gates and having to ask Jesus to hold them open a bit longer as our many suitcases are rolled in , or standing face to face with Jesus holding the Oreo package and our mouth full of chocolate cookies. Then comes the excuses………. I’m not perfect, I’ll be forgiven, it’s not illegal, the bible doesn’t forbid it, no one can see me, they did it first. I think it is called theological justification, but to keep it simple just ask yourself, if it is beneficial?

I think we have adopted the attitude that grace actually excuses the sin we want to commit. We tend to use the phrase we are saved by grace and not works to do what we want. But in all honesty although we are saved by grace alone, faith and grace should lead to obedience not a free license to sin.

So quit acting contrary to what you believe and allow
God’s life changing wisdom, knowledge and love to be all that guides your behavior. Put the cookies down and allow gods changing grace to fill your needs.
God is enoughbeneficial

……….and so I ride


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