Worldly expectations vs our hope in God.

We know we are to strive to be content but the truth is we also yearn for more. It’s human nature.

It is hard to look past the worldly trappings that bring instant gratification and settle for the expectation we hold for heaven. Heaven and an eternity with our Father can at times seem distant and vague.

How can we learn to be content while also aiming for more success? How can we be grateful but still believe more is possible?

I guess the question we need to ask ourselves should be, “what is my motive”?

Is my motive about service to self or service to God?

I think that if we are aiming higher only to gain material possessions or for earthly power and prestige, contentment will elude us – enough will never be enough.

Maybe we need to redefine our idea of success. Our culture more often than not defines success by the things we own or the titles our jobs give us.

I love how V. Burton puts it. Maybe we should look to what can fulfill us rather than success, aim for excellence more than success and refine our standards to come into line with what God defines as success rather than what society defines as success.

The big question for us should be “does my success glorify God”?

Consider Matthew 25:23 and Philippians 1:20

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