Rabbit Trails

I have been thinking about personal faith in God in relation to the world we live in. It is really easy to sit in my nice, cozy, isolated office at home and profess my love for God but what I want to be certain of is t when I walk out of my house, that showing of faith follows me. I want everyone around me to know of the love I feel for Christ without me breathing a word. That is my goal. That is however, tougher than I imagined, after all, I live in the real world.

I guess I am ahead of the game in a couple of aspects, number one, I love my Savior and I know I can ask help to remain a good influence to those around me, number two, I am aware that as soon as I let down my guard the enemy is waiting to attack any little opening he can find and number three, I have a desire to expand the Kingdom and I have a wonderful support system.

However, and this is a big however, the world we live in is not an easy place to navigate as a Christian. Something that strikes me as I am sitting writing this morning (a rabbit trail I think is the correct term)  is that when I wear  my CMA  vest, or when I have a t-shirt on that lets others know of my belief,  I feel like super woman and am spurred to walk the Christian walk so to speak. Good begets good, but what about the time I am simply dressed for work, or in jeans and a sweatshirt? What happens when I get to work and chaos reigns as often happens. What happens when things get uncomfortable, or I get angry at people, or circumstances circle around and strangle my good intentions? What happens then?

I am ashamed to say that thinking back on my behavior at times, there is no way people are thinking I am acting on God’s behalf and that is a tough pill to swallow.

The vest , or cross around my neck, or whatever I chose to wear that signifies to the world that I am a Christian, those things make me feel proud  and are a good reminder for me, but  when it is all said and done, a vest is only a vest, a necklace is only a piece of jewelry. The way I dress shows people that I belong to a Christian motorcycle club, or a certain church, that’s it. The vest is a sign that I have a relationship with my Savior, but the vest shouldn’t be my source of courage or my strength, Christ should. I have the same strength reigning inside me whatever I am wearing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Christian fellowship and displays of Christianity do not have an important place in our walk with God. I love CMA, the people I have met have changed my life, I love wearing my CMA colors, I love wearing cross jewelry and any other adornment that signifies I am a Christian, but that should not be what exemplifies my walk of faith. My love should be the motivating factor, my actions, my heart. We have to be careful that those outward showings of our love for God are not substituted for the inward changes that take place when one places their trust in the Savior.

That certainly was a rabbit trail, but when I sit down to write, I let God have the keyboard and I never know what is coming. I guess I needed to be reminded that we as Christians have an obligation to show the love of God to all around us. We can’t rely on the trappings of religion to do that, the real deal comes from deep within, it comes from Christ living in our hearts, nothing more, nothing less.


……………….and so I rideImage


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