God’s Curriculum

When God chooses to show us the truth of our lives He does it in a lot of different ways. Sometimes it is subtle and gently, sometimes it is spread over a period of time and other times it is swift and certain. Then there are the times the lessons are so raw and pure that there is no mistaking the lesson.

We are so good at shouting our unhappiness when things are not to our pleasing. The popular saying is “don’t sweat the small things”, well we sure seem to sweat a lot of stuff that, in the grand scheme of things, don’t make a bit of difference.

The practice of overdramatizing, exaggerating and blowing things out of proportion is rampant. If we are busy making mountains where there are only mole hills our focus is not where it belongs.

In all actuality aren’t we looking at it backwards, shouldn’t we be relying on God to make mole hills out of the mountains life hands us?


What about learning the simple art of being content? If we are truly living for God, if we are talking and listening to what God is telling us and living as God wants us to,  aren’t we exactly where we are supposed to be?

Look at the money we spend on self-help books, on plastic surgery, on meaningless trinkets. Look at the time we spend trying to change and manipulate things into what we believe will make us happy and give us the feeling of contentment we seek.

I love this bit of wisdom I found in a book by Robin Meyers. Contentment is not just a ‘peaceful, easy feeling’ or a way to rationalize laziness. It is a deep, easy-breathing wisdom that knows what can and can’t be changed, and more important, knows when to do and when to wait. The contented person watches the world closely, but does not stare it down. She enjoys things, rather than trying to possess them or straighten them out.”

Maybe it’s time to put that energy into learning to be content in all the circumstances of life that we find ourselves in, maybe its time to accept the truth of what God says. Maybe it is time to want what we have, to quit comparing our situations with another’s, and to accept where we are and be content and even thankful we are there and recognize that place is where God has placed us and that place is  where we are supposed to be.

Compare not yourself with anyone else, lest you spoil God’s curriculum” Baal Shem Tov

God is the only provider we need. Philippians 4:19

God supplies every material need we have. Matthew 6:25,32-33

God supplies our deepest inner need to be loved. Jeremiah 31:3

God supplies our spiritual needs. Ephesians 1:3

God does all this for us………..freely. Romans 8:32



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