…………and so I ride

Part 3 of 3

I truly, truly believe that what I have been on is a journey and I also God took me from right where He found me and has a definite destination in mind. I have been given scripture to help me not only confirm this but to serve as road signs also. One of those is Philippians 3:13-16. God tells me that yes I have a past that is less than perfect but it’s ok, look forward to the prize for it is a prize which is hand picked for me. Where my road is clouded by fog He will help me to gain clear vision to continue my journey.

That is a wonderful and encouraging thought and it sounds easy but wait………read on…….as always, there is more just a few verses down. Make sure you are on the right road because the destination could be destruction. Oh wow, that certainly gets right to the point. One commentary I read on this said we need to keep our eyes heavenward, not on earthly things. “It is not so much those who deny the doctrines of the cross as it is those who oppose it’s influence on their hearts, not so much those who live to scoff and deride religion, as it is those who mind earthly things,” that injure this holy cause in the world. That too is profound and I have prayed and thought deeply on this and how I can make sure that the journey I am taking involves no detours that are Dottie induced and not what God intended.

This is the last part of what turned out to be some rather long winded thoughts about my journey, riding a motorcycle, being a woman and how God fits into it all. It is about how the journey included my whole life, my friends, my motorcycle clubs. It’s quite entertaining to think back on the means God employs to bring His children home.

Let me stop a minute and say that this is not about liking one motorcycle club more than another and it is certainly not about trashing the reputation of any club, it is more about God shaking up my world and the unfolding of a journey of faith. It is about God leading me to exactly where I needed to be and understanding that sometimes God has to use harsh means to bring stubborn people home…….just saying.

Lots of people join motorcycle clubs for lots of reasons but the reasons are fairly universal. They join to have someone readily available to ride with and for the camaraderie a club offers.

I have been associated with two motorcycle clubs for exactly those reasons. One club was strictly for people who ride a certain brand of motorcycle. I am still a member of that national club and until this year, a member of the local club. I met some wonderful friends in that club but for one reason or another I drifted away(not from the friends, just the club). I cannot say that my parting from that club was easy, it was painful but I knew I had to distance myself and I learned more than a little from it.

The other club I belong to is a christian motorcycle club, in fact my hubby holds an office in that club and me too by the fact I am married to him, lol. It is ironic actually and makes me smile this morning that God did this. I was a board member and officer of the other club and had a very, very active role that was independent of Earl. Now I hold an honorary office because of Earl and in partnership with Earl…………it seems another lesson is in there. You would have to know my history to get the full impact of the meaning of this for me but I suspect it has to do with my stubborn independence. If i couldn’t see it for the gift from God it is, I would say the joke is on me!

I will be perfectly honest, when I joined the christian club I joined for what the club offered me, not for what I could offer but for the friendship, and like-minded people to ride with. It was pretty one-sided, and I totally underestimated what was to come, I admit it.

However the minute I put on my vest with the bright yellow colors, subtle shifts started occurring. It was the thumbs up and shouts of Praise Jesus from the vehicles beside us at the stop lights. It was the pat on the back from a stranger and heart-felt thank you for what your group does, as we were sitting at a restaurant. It was honest and heartfelt group prayers for safety as we travel. It is a heartwarming Christmas Eve invitation to a family get together, it is delicious brunch while planning the years trips. It is knowing that the power of group prayer is only a phone call, text or lunch away. It is that in a personal crisis a friend who is a member of another brother Christian motorcycle club was prompted to call a friend in our Christian Club for prayer for us, not a call to gossip but a call to help.

It is fellowship with meaning. It is fellowship with God as the center. It is fellowship that lifts up and contributes to the Kingdom. It is in one word, amazing.

In all honesty, it isn’t the people in the club that make me so thankful to be a part of it, it is the fact that these people emit a inner goodness and light that only God can be responsible for. It is the fact that it is not just riding, but caring enough to ride for a cause.

I know with certainty that in this part of the journey God brought me to CMA for very distinct reasons. He brought me the support, friendship, wisdom, clarity, and honesty all weary travelers need. He brought me what I call safety tips from road captains (a gentle way of saying He brought me gentle guidance when I get off course) He brought me counsel from kindred spirits. He brought all this in a black vest with bright yellow colors.

So I guess that is my long winded way of saying that while I joined for one reason, I stay for another. God is there and He wants me there. I have always heard that the best journey’s are the spontaneous ones, well this journey certainly has not gone as I have assumed it would but I have no doubt that God knows exactly where we are going.

God, if I haven’t said it yet today, thank you.

…………and so I ride

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