Part 2 of 3, A woman, Her motorcycle and Her God

I love writing about motorcycles for northern Rockies rider but my soul yearns for more, my soul longs to tell the story of this journey. I long to tell others of what God is doing in my life. Our God is a truly amazing god indeed when he can show Himself to us through the most meaningful ways, in other words he individualizes his pursuit of us to the most effective ways possible.

When I write about riding I write about not only where I have been or where I am going I write about the inner journey too, the journey no one is witnessing but me.

I cannot separate riding my motorcycle from journeying with God, it is one and the same. I cannot write about riding my bike and not mention God.

As I am walking this journey with god I am studying, learning and discovering the truth of a life lived with god. It has been an amazing journey.

It is true that I found independence, freedom and incredible empowerment but I found something much deeper I found the courage to surrender. By climbing off the back of earls bike I found courage I didn’t know I possessed.

Learning to trust God has taken that same kind of courage. It is all about surrender isn’t it? The Bible explains it, preachers talk about it, however, reading about god, singing, studying, going to church are all wonderful things but to take those words from the bible and to take those lessons from the preacher and apply them in a personal way, that is difficult sometimes. It is easy to read the Bible and say, Oh good plan. However it is not quite as easy to fit it into everyday life. But I suppose that is where walking in faith starts and living with Gods grace lifts us. A good first step would seem to start to be willing to be willing………..

I gave up the back seat of my hubby’s motorcycle for freedom, independence and empowerment and here I am offering God the drivers seat. It seems a step backward but it really isn’t. So having taken that step and walking this walk I want to shout it from the rooftops and spread what I am learning, I want others to feel what I am feeling.

I fought to learn to ride my motorcycle, hours and hours of practice in parking lots, setting up cones, practice, practice, practice, just to pass the test to get my license. I was told by the instructor of the motorcycle safety class I took that I was a fool to have picked such a big bike and that I would never learn to ride it. I did learn to ride however and I did it with a singleminded determination that was born of desperation to lift myself out of a bad place in life that I was going through. Little did I know what God was doing at the time, but God revealed it to me little by little at the precise moments that I was ready to receive it.

It is curious to me that I am willing now to give up that control I have fought so hard for, to surrender control, and take a back seat and riding along as God is leading me to where He needs me to go. I’m not saying that I always go quietly, lol, not at all, sometimes it is an internal fight of epic proportions but somehow I manage to put myself aside and go where God is leading, well ok, let me restate that, at least I usually head in the right direction.

I have come to the conclusion that to follow God means exactly that, it doesn’t mean to follow God when it is convenient, to follow God onto when He is leading to places that are comfortable and familiar, it doesn’t mean to follow when the destination is obvious, it means to follow Him period, no matter where He is leading you. There will be suffering, there will be uncomfortable time, there will be sacrifice, but there will also be rewards like we have never known.

So i will be persistent, I will ask for wisdom, revelation and intervention, then I will ask and again and again.
i want to ride my motorcycle, i love riding and when i ride with God i ride with peace, promises. No matter how many roads I have left to conquer here on earth, I know I have an endless, eternal road I am taking, incredible endless and headed for the light.

……..and so I ride


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