My “Masters” in God


The question of the day, well a lot of days actually, is how to take what I am reading in the Bible and apply it to my life?

The list of things God gives us is impressive, perseverance, character, hope, confidence, strength and eternal life just to name a few. I read about those things all the time in the Bible and therein lies the problem. Reading about it………..

How does reading it help me? How am I supposed to get it off the page and into my life? What is the key to applying those words to my life?

Philippians 4:9 tells us that we have to. The Life Application Bible says to read or hear the Word of God, or even to know it well is not enough. We must also put it into practice.
Yes, I would agree with that, but how?
Ok, so me being the research queen I am, I have read lots and lots of stuff on how to apply the word of God to your life, how to get what is written on the page into my heart. I have been told to pick up my Bible, open it and read it. Then to take what I read and hide it in my heart. Yea uhhuh……….
Read- study-memorize- meditate. Evidently though, to read it is not enough and I must concur I have found that to be true. As I am studying for my Masters (graduating next month BTW!), just reading the text doesn’t prepare you for the test. I read, I take notes, I watch videos, I look at Power Points, I do written exercises. There are lots of ways I ingrain the knowledge I am trying to learn.

In exactly the same way, just reading the Bible I still didn’t have a clue how to apply it to my life. It just seemed like an ancient manuscript with some interesting stories. So I decided that maybe I needed to apply the same study habits I used for school to get to the heart of what God was trying to tell me through His word.

“School” studying meant reading, pondering, reflecting and meditating on what I read. It meant delving in depth to the subject matter………….. OVER and OVER and OVER. We don’t expect a short rain to soak into hard ground, same principle applies to God’s word. The next step that I use to get staying power in school study is to figure out how this applies to my life. It makes more sense to me if I can apply it in a personal way. Hmmm, I might be onto something here.

In school I went the extra mile to make the text personal and give it meaning that was unique to my life. I ended up with a wealth of knowledge ingrained in me and knowledge that now comes as second nature, this knowledge altered the course of my life. I ended up with a Masters in Education.

It seems to me that the same system might work to end up with God as my Master and I know that is a wealth of knowledge that will alter my life, and then some.

There is no easy route to learning something inside and out, there are no short cuts or cheat sheets to believing in God. There will be those that will try to convince you otherwise but in the end the joke is on them, but it isn’t funny at all.

Studying the Bible and hiding God’s word in my heart brings a lot more to my life than the other studying I am doing. The end result in both subjects is worth the effort. but the fact of the matter is only one of the things I am studying is really life altering. So how much effort do I put into studying the important subject…………..the choice is mine and the answer is clear..



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