I don’t have a lot to give today because I am weary but one thing I have been thinking of is the art of prayer. Does it work, is it worthwhile, and so on and so forth. Then I picked up a magazine at Walmart of all places and this statement jumped out and grabbed me. Well actually the whole article on prayer actually made me cry.

The article starts out by saying that prayer is confounding because if God already knows everything- and if he already has a plan in place for everyone- what can we hope to accomplish by talking to him? Well that is a great question indeed and has been on my mind.

The article goes on to explain just how important prayer is and uses James 5:13-18.

Basically the point is that this morning, all I can do is pray. Maybe, just maybe, it is all I need to do.

My Lord God, thank you for being in my life. No one is greater or more holy than you and no one has more power, glory and majesty than you. Help me to remember who you are and to keep you in the proper place in my life.

You have such wisdom, which I admit is greatly untapped by me and I ask for forgiveness for that lack of trust and ask you to help me gain it in amounts that are unmeasurable.

Help me to put no other before you and to realize that you are all I need. I admit that is hard for me , guide me to all that is You.

Forgive me Father for the things I do in my life that bring hurt to you and help me to clearly see those things and give me the strength, courage and wisdom to change them in a manner that is pleasing to you. Hold me accountable and make me understand.

I have so many blessings in my life, help me to count them one by one, rejoice in them daily and dwell there in thankfulness. Help me to look to the trials as a chance to do it again, the right way and a chance to grow closer to you.

Give me clarity and guidance as only you can. Help me to come to you and look you clearly in your holy face and see you for who you really are.

Help me to remember that with you, no matter  what the present moment holds, I can be certain joy is coming.

Father, I love you………….I trust you…………….I need you…………….I give you all that I am.


When all else fails…………maybe we should pray


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