I am a woman who rides a motorcycle. I am a woman who loves Jesus.

Before I go any further here let me say that I am not discounting or disrespecting any woman who rides pillion with her man on a motorcycle, not at all. I am simply going to talk about what riding my own motorcycle has meant in my life.

Life for each and every one of us is a journey; we all know that, we travel our unique, individual paths to our personal awareness. As our story unfolds however, we find that God almost never takes us on a straight line from point A to point B. That would be to easy and not much fun!

In our journey we are challenged, prepared and changed. My journey involved a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic Motorcycle. My husband rides also, and there are two motorcycles in our garage, mine being the prettiest and the fastest……………………just saying, anyway I digress.

Learning to ride my motorcycle was liberating for me, it helped me to embrace and overcome challenges, it gave me courage, fortitude and made me dig inside myself for those things. Learning to ride is like a dance, a partnership actually where you learn harmony, power, strength, balance, confidence and where positive changes happen.

Riding my motorcycle I found an outlet for the part of me that screamed for adventure and freedom, I found independence and at the same time community. I found the power to change, overcame the fear of failure and learned the feeling of success.

As I learned to  ride I found a new understanding of myself and as my life on motorcycles progressed I found myself pulled more and more to the spiritual part of riding that you can’t help but feel  when it is just you and the wind. You feel the whisper of God refreshing your soul.

God found a way to connect with me on a motorcycle that I believe could not happen any other way. So where was this leading, because if there is one thing I have found on this journey with Jesus is, He always has a plan for me and sometimes the path is unconventional, which is a huge understatement actually.

Why did motorcycles speak so loudly to me and why did I connect with the life of a biker almost seamlessly? Then it came to me, where some see a frightening, intimidating biker, God sees a disciple.

Riding a motorcycle allows a person to reach people in a unique and individual way. People are drawn to someone on a motorcycle, especially a woman on a motorcycle. When people are drawn to you conversations are imminent. When you feel passionately about spreading the Good News of Jesus, you turn those conversations into possibilities for Christ.

There is nothing like sitting at a stoplight on your bike with the bright yellow patch on your back proclaiming your devotion to Christ and someone yelling across two lanes of traffic to you………….Praise God! There is nothing like sitting under a tent at one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the nation and praying with a stranger who spotted you and wandered over because he was in pain over losing a close relative.

Sure, we all go to church each week and we go to bible studies and mingle with other like-minded Christians, but that’s easy and comfortable. It is a whole different kind of evangelizing to be out on your motorcycle, far away from home and to be able to talk to others of the love of Jesus. That is the kind of rider I want to be, the kind who’s passion for Christ exceeds the passion for riding.

…………………and  so I ride



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