Why Me God?

Did you ever wonder why in the world God puts us through some of the stuff He does? I mean for crying out loud, enough already. Just when you get one thing dealt with, BAM, here comes something else……………or so it seems. Sometimes it seems senseless and well, senseless. Sometimes it appears that God sits around thinking up new ways to make us stumble and hurt, but wait a minute that is how humans work, not God.

I started  with just a few scriptures I found that describe how God loves me(and you). He loves me deeply and completely (Rom 8:38-39, He has totally and completely forgiven me (1John 2:12), when He sees me he sees the righteousness of Jesus( 2 Cor 5:21), I mean the world to Him John 3:16, He thinks that I am beautiful ( Song of Solomon 4:1), He is committed to my restoration (Rom 8:29),I am not alone, not now, not then, not ever (Heb 13:5)

Does that sound like He is out to harm us and that He hates us so much He will go to all lengths to hurt us?  No it doesn’t but why then is the world like it is, why is living so darn hard sometimes, why do our hearts groan under the pain in our lives?

I know that we all have wondered at times why God allows suffering, tragedy, heartache and evil. Usually it is just a passing thought, until it hits us smack in the face; it becomes personal when it is us suffering or a loved one. I don’t know why it surprises us, Jesus told us (John 16:33) that we would suffer, not that we might suffer but that we would.

I also wonder how much of our suffering do we bring about ourselves. Do we really think that our attitudes of selfishness, manipulation, arrogance, gluttony, irresponsibility and self-centeredness (and a lot of other things) will have no effect on what happens in our world?

Is it true that some (or a lot) of our suffering comes from our own sinful actions? It seems likely that is more than a slight possibility.

It seems to me as I research and pray upon this that God didn’t create evil and suffering but rather He created the potential for that to happen. When we choose sin and walk away from God things start to happen and some of them are not pleasant. The consequences can be harsh when you have let your life-boat drift away.

This is probably a very simplistic way to look at it but we walk away from the good (God), and this results in some influx of bad into our lives and then we have the audacity to blame God. Really? What did we think was going to happen when we show God the door?

Actually as I am sitting here thinking about it, this has been happening since the time of Eve and the infamous apple episode hasn’t it?

I don’t know why He allows suffering I just know He does. We will know some day but right now we are looking at it through human eyes and it makes no sense to us, it can’t, we don’t have the wisdom, perspective or the complete picture that God has. We are looking at things from the earthly side.

We know without a doubt that God has the power to wipe suffering out forever. The question is why doesn’t he do it? Well I am not sure but it seems the reason might be that the story isn’t finished yet; we are only in the middle of the story. Just because He hasn’t done it yet doesn’t mean He won’t do it, patience seems to be in order here. I think the time is coming when all suffering will cease, when there will be eternal serenity, calm, and comfort and it will be glorious.

In the meantime I am so thankful that I have Jesus here to help me through the suffering. It makes me think of my brother actually. He drives an 18-wheeler and when the weather is foggy it is not unusual for vehicles to get behind him and follow what they can see clearly, his tail lights. He has a huge advantage in that he has fog lights and can see quite well in the fog and can travel in safety with confidence. So it is with God leading us through the fog of our lives, follow the bright light, it will lead to safety.

Take the tough times, learn from them, and follow the light shining through the fog you will get where you need to be eventually.



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