The Jesus Myth

The Jesus Myth

Life is full of myths and if you don’t watch it, they will get you!

Take diets and healthy living for example. I learned the hard way but let me tell you, you quit eating right, you quit exercising, you pay for it. You develop lazy habits, lousy eating patterns and you gain “baggage” where it isn’t supposed to be.

All of a sudden you don’t feel as good as you used to, you don’t look as good and you have to start wearing baggy clothing to hide the baggage.

So it is with a relationship with God. I found out the hard way in both these areas. Well in the spirit of the new year and the age old resolutions, I vowed to get back in shape in both areas.

I had researched (of course I had) the best way to get back to where I needed to be health wise, which translates into the easiest. All I got was confused. I read that to lose weight you had to cut out whole food groups, or cut out just fat, or cut out carbohydrates, or you could exercise and eat what- ever you wanted. Well put them all together and its simple, you can’t eat anything.

So instead I went out and bought the latest on the diet subject, all the latest, greatest, easy fix diet books, I got the video that promised if I gave them 2.2 minutes a day my body would look like a movie stars, I bought wonderful new, state of the art exercise clothes, exercise monitor and tennis shoes. WooHoo, I was set to get fit. Guess what, none of that worked as long as I was still sitting in my recliner. It takes perseverance, willpower, and motivation to get healthy, mostly it takes getting out of the recliner.

It is a lot like that in my relationship with God. Yes His arms are always open, and He will welcome you at any time. He will soften hearts to hear the message He brings and He will provide plenty of opportunities to build a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with Him.

However, just like leading a healthy life, you have to get out of the recliner and you have to do more than “go along just enough to get along”

It takes the same perseverance, willpower and motivation; sometimes it even takes getting a little (or a lot) uncomfortable if we want all that God has to offer us.

God, diets, exercise, quitting bad habits, if it is good for you it certainly could hurt a little bit…………….for a time. It won’t last forever and God is Captain of this ship, He will bring you into port in His time.

So get out of your recliner and start building the life you want, the life you deserve and the life God wants to give you.



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