Merry Merry CHRISTmas

Defining Christmas

We enjoyed a candlelight service at church last night and it was meaningful and beautiful. Silent Night by candlelight has the ability to bring me to tears. The fact that this holiday is celebrated because  our Savior was born has the ability to humble me like nothing else. For me, the season is about the fact that a baby was born to save a sinner like me.

 However there is another aspect to Christmas that has long been written about, the other side of Christmas, the side that people love to ridicule yet they continue to engage in with gusto. It is the bright, glittery, and joyful Christmas. YIKES, if you celebrate that way you must have lost  sight of the real meaning of Christmas somewhere.


 I do celebrate that way. I love to bake my loved ones mountains of really rich, decadent, not good for them goodies. In fact I love to make more food for my boys than is humanly possible to consume, but that is part of the celebration. 

I love to shop for hours on end for just the right gift and then bring it home, wrap it with glittery, bright paper and top it with even more glitter and totally unnecessary(but fun) bows and ribbons. I love my Christmas tree and the decorations that bring back memories of the times past. I love to drive around and look at Christmas lights, cheesy or not. It all signifies Christmas for me.

I am a Christian, I love my Father God and  I celebrate the birth of my Savior in a bright, glittery, joyful way.  I love to see the Christmas spirit all around me, those viewpoints do not have to be mutually exclusive, they can co-exist quite nicely together.

I do not forget the fact that “Jesus is the reason for the season”, this is my way of spreading the joy and making the celebration of the ultimate Gift of Life”  uniquely mine.

We each have the opportunity to take the holiday and personalize it, make it special and make it meaningful. As long as we are praising God and glorifying Him (who provided the gift) , it is a good thing.

Last night (Christmas Eve)  we broke tradition and started a new one. We attended the candlelight service at our church as I stated earlier,  with good friends  and then went to their house for a delicious meal and fellowship with wonderful friends, some old friends, some new. Thank you my friends for including us!

The house literally glowed with the love of our Savior AND the joy of Christmas. I have forgotten the literal joy of a child opening gifts, it was a great joy to witness and participate in. There is nothing like celebrating the true meaning of Christmas with others that feel the same way.

Christ is the reason I celebrate but Christmas is also a time to support diversity, foster goodwill where we walk, make new traditions while maintaining our family traditions. Christmas is love.

Merry Christmas my friends,



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