Who was this Child?

 Have you ever really stopped to think about what happened that night in the stable? I mean, really thought about it?

Who was this child who lay in the manger?               

Though all children are precious, this wasn’t any child. The realities of who this child was are quite breathtaking actually.

The child in the manger in Bethlehem was God  and he was man.  He was both the creator of our universe and He was God’s begotten son. This baby was an expression of the love our Father has for us. He was God’s master craftsman, He was grace and truth and beloved Son.

In short, that baby in the manger was the Light for a dark world.

Don’t think God loves you? Can there really be any doubt? God gave his very best to us who are nothing more than sinners of the worst kind. If you look at the gift of the Son, you will see the Father.

God gave me this gift, not  in spite of who I am, (and this is the part that makes me breathless) he gave me the gift of His Son, because of who I am. How cool is that. There was nothing greater He could have handed down to me. He sent this baby because He loves me.

This is not some celebrated fable, not some big screen fantasy. This is the real deal. Mary and Joseph were real people who walked upon this earth. The baby in the manger was God. I don’t think that it is possible to really know Jesus or to gain a meaningful relationship if we do not understand that He was real, He is real and He will always be real.

God gave His Son to us and for us. There is no greater gift.



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