Is Christmas to commercialized?

Is Christmas to commercialized? I have mixed feelings on this subject but I do believe commercialism is in fact running rampant,   I also believe  that we have, at least to a certain extent, caused it by our own need to seek the perfect Christmas experience. We try to fill the perfect Christmas experience with Christmas glitter and glam instead of filling it with the one the holiday signifies.

I have  heard it said hundreds of times, Christmas is to commercialized, how we can’t believe that Christmas stuff is out in early October and that we have forgotten the reason for the season. However, that is usually uttered as we are rushing out the door to Black Friday or are hitting the stores with our Christmas lists in hand. We think Christmas has to be perfect and we contribute to said commercialism in our search for perfection.

We all long for the perfect Christmas. Maybe it is that longing that drives us to contribute to the commercialism that abounds this time of year. We go in search of the perfect Christmas tree, the perfectly cooked perfect meal, the perfect decorations.

I am even guilty of trying to make my dogs the perfectly outfitted canine Santa and Mrs Clause decorations, albeit decorations  that run around the house tearing up the other decorations.

I think I can be comfortable with a “less perfect” Christmas where there is more focus on the important details. The fact is this is a celebration to honor our King but as long as God knows I am taking the time to honor Him, He does not require perfection.

I can get a tree that is beautiful to me because of the ornaments made long ago by three very proud little boys, but it might not  be beautiful to anyone else.

I don’t have to spend all day cooking if I choose not to, a meal in a restaurant or a purchased meal will do just fine.

The cookies don’t have to be homemade and decorated, there is a bakery downtown that does a fine imitation.

What I am trying to say, in my longwinded way, is of course we all want the perfect Christmas experience and that contributes to the commercialism frenzy. The bottom line is however, that we can make Christmas whatever we need it to be, as long as what we need it to be centers on Christ.

Christmas is all about a humble Savior born in a barn, His parents were two very young adults that waded through a pregnancy that made her look dishonorable, Joseph thought about abandoning the whole situation , Jesus first bed was cold and hard, his first  clothes were rags, from all appearances it was just a baby in a barn.

It all screams imperfection,

……………………………. yet He still managed to rescue humanity.

He rescued me.



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